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Apr 13

An Introduction to shelf registrations

Probably the most common kind of way of issuing and registering new stocks is a shelf registration. This is filed on SEC Form S-3 (F-3 if the issuer is a foreign company). These can be used with multiple types of offerings, including most commonly PIPEs, Private Investments in Public Equities, where the shares have been …

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Nov 18

Catalysts in the trading of bankrupt companies and why Republic Airways $RJETQ is going to zero

The rule of thumb in bankruptcy is that 90% of the time shareholders get completely wiped out. Maybe 8% of the time shareholders get a tiny bit of equity in the new (post-bankruptcy) company or out of the money warrants to buy that equity. Only 2% of the time or less do shareholders get a …

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Jun 17

Fake (or just dumb) tender offer PR leads to brief Freeseas $FREEF spike

Yesterday¬†Havensight Capital LLC put out a press release announcing a tender offer for the shares of FreeSeas (FREEF), a distressed shipping company. For posterity the press release is quoted in full below. As of the writing of this post the PR has been removed from Yahoo Finance but is still on the OTCMarkets website. Havensight …

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May 25

Algos for everyone: Interactive Brokers’ adaptive algo could be a great tool

Recently I wrote about customizing IB’s smart routing. Particularly for larger orders though it is desirable to break orders into smaller chunks so as not to give the market too much information which can lead to other traders front-running large orders. Iceberg orders work fine but are so-so at best at limiting information leakage — …

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Nov 19

How to be dead wrong about Kalobios Pharmaceuticals $KBIO

Needless to say, my previous post on KaloBios Pharmaceuticals was dead wrong. Martin Shkreli and friends bought up the majority of the company over the past couple days (at under $2 per share on average) and their SEC Form 4s after the close yesterday caused a massive short squeeze that sent the stock up to …

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Nov 16

A short analysis of Kalobios Pharmaceuticals $KBIO liquidation value

Disclosure: I am short KBIO and I intend to actively trade the stock after this post is published. See full disclaimer below. Here is my back of the envelope calculation of the value of Kalobios Pharmaceuticals (KBIO). This was first posted in the TimAlerts chat, where I am and have been a moderator for years. …

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Sep 15

Excel Macro to run trade report on DAS Trader Pro trade log

I have been mucking about with some programming lately and I only just realized that the work I had been doing to get my average price on trades so I can enter it into my trade log was easily automated. The below Excel (2010 is the version I use) macro has made my life a …

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Aug 15

ElitePennyStock Paints target on its back: Best stock promoter out there

Disclosure: I’m short ElitePennyStock’s current promotion, AREN. See details at bottom. In a world in which ever more promoters and manipulators have not just been sued by the SEC but sent to prison by US Department of Justice it is a dangerous thing to be known as the best stock promoter. But with having …

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May 11

Riviera Tool Corp $RIVT does a NEST

When people ask why I prefer to trade penny stocks and preferably OTC stocks, my answer is that I prefer to trade against people who are less intelligent and experienced than I am. Considering all the smart people working at hedge funds I would likely be less intelligent and less experienced than the people trading …

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Nov 06

IFAN Financial $IFAN Hard mailer pump and dump

IFAN Financial (IFAN) is the new hard mailer pump on the block. It has a low starting price for a hard mailer pump and a high purported budget that is likely overstated, judging by the trading volume in the stock. See the Promotion Stock Secrets article on the IFAN pump. There have also been two …

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