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Feb 10

Taxes for day-traders

See the embedded video for a quick summary of the major tax issues for traders and what business trader status means. Obviously I am not a CPA and I have no formal accounting training. Please see JK Lasser’s Your Income Tax 2012 and Robert Green’s Tax Guide for Traders. If you want to really get …

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Mar 13

Book Review: Essentials of Corporate Fraud

I have many great things to say about Tracy Coenen, who is a blogger, author, and above all, a forensic accountant. I love her blog and I find her to be witty and intelligent. As a short seller I am also something of a fraud connoisseur, so I appreciate what she does. I eagerly anticipated …

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Feb 13

Buy my book!

Okay, well it is not my book, but I co-authored a chapter. Plus, it is an interesting book. Are We Free? Psychology and Free Will gives the opinions (and research) of some of the world’s top psychologists on whether (and how) humans have free will. I have not read any chapter but my own, but …

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Jan 12

Book Review: The Theory of Investment Value

John Burr Williams wrote The Theory of Investment Value as his dissertation. First published in 1938, this book is one of the classics of investing. I will not say that the book is a fun read, for it is not. It is dry and difficult. Half the pages are filled with equations. However, this book …

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Jan 09

A short book review of much importance

I could have spent a few pages extolling the virtues of David Dreman and his book, Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Next Generation. Fortunately for you, I did not do that. Instead, I tell you simply to buy the book. It deserves a spot on your library shelf adjacent to Ben Graham’s Intelligent Investor. It is …

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Jan 05

Just One Thing

I just finished John Mauldin’s new book, Just One Thing. It took me only two days to read. I cannot enthusiastically recommend this book even thought there are some nuggets of wisdom in it. In the book, twelve investment writers each give their one best investment idea. Some of the authors rambled and others (Bill …

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Aug 31

The Intelligent Investor

It was Ben Graham who taught me how to invest. Sure, I had played around with stocks before him, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. His book, The Intelligent Investor, is a one-book course on investing by understanding value.I recommend (and link to) the most recent edition, which has the 1970 edition …

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