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Sep 06

Trading in promoted stock Preston Corp $PSNP suspended by SEC

Friday morning the SEC suspended trading in Preston Corporation (PSNP) which had just been promoted by the prior evening. The reason given by the SEC: The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of PSNP because of questions regarding the adequacy and accuracy of available information about Preston Corp. in light of a false statement about …

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Jul 09

Samuel DelPresto and how to run big pumps and dumps

I never got around to blogging about this but did follow the case closely and had uploaded the plea agreement and indictment in this case. A good summary of the case is here. So here are the links: Samuel DelPresto guilty plea agreement (PDF) From the plea agreement: If DELPRESTO enters a guilty plea and …

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Jun 16

Cantabio Pharmaceuticals $CTBO promoted on purported Alzheimer’s cure

A recent low-volume landing page pump and dump is of Cantabio Pharmaceuticals. See landing page here: Disclosed budget: $150,000 per week Promoter: / KyIne Ltd Paying party:  Ikon Media Shares outstanding: 26,805,270 Previous closing price: $2.27 Market capitalization: $60 million Disclaimer (emphasis added by me): IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: This stock profile should be viewed …

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Jun 06

Life Clips $LCLP: The biggest recent landing page pump & dump

With the SEC and DoJ cracking down on illegal stock promotions (it is possible to legally promote a stock but misleading statements and manipulation are more effective) over the last couple years the number of effective pumps has declined tremendously. The number of hard mailer pumps with good volume has decreased from dozens per year …

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May 25

SEC Obtains asset freeze of trader who filed false $IDT takeover filing

On April 12th Nauman A. Aly made an SC-13D SEC filing indicating that a group of investors had taken a 5.1% stake in IDT Corp (IDT) and was offering to take over the company at a 65% premium to the then-current stock price. Soon after, a revised filing showed that the group had sold a …

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May 20

SEC Suspends trading in NuTech Energy Resources (NERG) due to potentially fraudulent tender offer

Today the SEC suspended trading in NuTech Energy Resources (NERG): because of questions that have been raised about the accuracy and adequacy of information in the marketplace about the company’s operations and the company’s recent public announcements concerning an unsolicited tender offer. SEC trading suspension (PDF) SEC trading suspension order (PDF) When I first saw …

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May 09

Code Rebel $CDRB SEC suspension: Only 2nd ever SEC suspension of listed stock

On May 5th the SEC suspended trading in Code Rebel (CDRB) for two weeks. The stock will resume trading on May 20th on the grey market. Code Rebel had been promoted multiple times by stock promoters and was most recently promoted on May 2nd. The reason for the trading suspension as given by the SEC: The …

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Mar 17

SEC Suspends trading in FinestPennyStock pump Broke Out $BRKO

Today, less than two minutes prior to the market open, the SEC suspended trader in Broke Out (BRKO), the current pump that has squeezed shorts like crazy the last two days. The stock will resume trading on April 1st. Likely among those shorts getting squeezed the last couple days is Hunter Adams of The Street …

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Oct 28

Anavex Life Sciences $AVXL and the Lincoln Park ATM

Notice: This post has been corrected as of 7pm 2015-10-28 — originally I averaged the past 20 trading day closing prices, rather than the past 10 days. I am sorry for the error. There is a lot of confusion about how the $50 million funding commitment from Lincoln Park Capital Fund LLC to Anavex Life …

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Oct 14

New Wall Street Report pump and dump: Petroterra Corp $PTRA

Starting after the market close last Friday, started sending emails promoting Petroterra Corp (PTRA). The emails continues yesterday (Monday) and today. The emails linked to a video at and to a landing page promoting PTRA here: is a relatively new stock promotion website and I have only been subscribed to them since August. …

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