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Oct 07

My Trading computer

I figured I might as well update an old blog post about my trading computer. Now, when it comes to trading, having a fast computer is a lot like having a big penis when it comes to sex: sure it is nice, but knowing how to use it matters much more, and the most important …

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May 25

Algos for everyone: Interactive Brokers’ adaptive algo could be a great tool

Recently I wrote about customizing IB’s smart routing. Particularly for larger orders though it is desirable to break orders into smaller chunks so as not to give the market too much information which can lead to other traders front-running large orders. Iceberg orders work fine but are so-so at best at limiting information leakage — …

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May 11

Get SMART: Customizing Interactive Brokers’ smart routing

Interactive Brokers has been one of my main brokers since 2007. Yet I didn’t realize until today that you can customize the smart routing of orders. I was trying to figure out how to set a hotkey to set a market/ECN destination (route) and stumbled across the smart routing configuration which is even better than …

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Sep 15

Excel Macro to run trade report on DAS Trader Pro trade log

I have been mucking about with some programming lately and I only just realized that the work I had been doing to get my average price on trades so I can enter it into my trade log was easily automated. The below Excel (2010 is the version I use) macro has made my life a …

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Mar 30

A Brief recap of my trading in 2013

I have been working on finishing up my accounting for my taxes and the program I use to track my trades for tax purposes, Tradelog, also can put together some interesting and useful reports. Below are a couple of mine. Note: as with all trade data I provide here I believe these are correct but …

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Jun 28

I must be doing something right …

Here are my monthly profits along with a 6 month forward moving average of each (the average is for the current month and the next five months). My records for 2007 and 2008 are not nearly as reliable so are not included. Two of my three most profitable months since 2009 have been this month …

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Mar 07

A note on short selling fees at Interactive Brokers

I have recently noticed that on some pump and dumps Interactive Brokers’ short stock borrow costs have gotten rather high. On ECAU, SWVI, and GNIN the borrow costs have been at times about 50% APR. Even worse, Interactive Brokers does not charge based on the total value of the position, but based on the value …

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Jan 11

Has WDCO turned into a manipulative short seller? Level 2 video on USGT’s first dump day

Wilson Davis (market maker ID: WDCO) has acquired a reputation in penny stock land for manipulative bid support on big pump and dumps. See this Infitialis article on SeekingAlpha and this article on So it was certainly odd to see WDCO come out with huge size on the offer on USGT (a massive spam …

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Feb 18

We are all in this together … or not

Whenever you hear that phrase, “We’re all in this together,” be very, very cautious. That is what scammers will say to convince you to do stupid things with your money (like buying pumped stocks) and what both hucksters and even non-fraudulent trading gurus will say to try to get their hands on your money. The …

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Feb 10

Taxes for day-traders

See the embedded video for a quick summary of the major tax issues for traders and what business trader status means. Obviously I am not a CPA and I have no formal accounting training. Please see JK Lasser’s Your Income Tax 2012 and Robert Green’s Tax Guide for Traders. If you want to really get …

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