Tactical Services (TTSI) Stock promotion: emails and boiler room

Note: When I published this on 11/15/2017 Tactical Services was trading as LUADD. It is now trading as TTSI. 

The new stock promotion on the block is Tactical Services (LUADD). It isn’t completely new — it has been going on since October 26th. However, while I tweeted about it, I didn’t blog about it because volume was low and it looked like it was failing quickly. Also, I couldn’t sign up for the promoter’s email list. However, with the recovery in the stock price and hearing that there is a boiler room promoting the stock I decided to blog about it. Keep in mind that boiler room pumps usually result in the biggest dumps. The last big boiler room pump and dump was Homie Recipes (HOMR; now trading as STVA Stevva Corp), which quickly dropped from $1.80 to $0.20 in two days. I traded it horribly (shorting at $1.90 and covering my short at $0.80) and still made decent money. It now trades at $.002.

Here is the STVA daily candlestick chart — trading in it was suspended for two weeks by the SEC on October 5th.

The LUADD stock chart does not appear nearly as well controlled / manipulated as STVA/HOMR did, but it has been slowly upticking on pretty decent volume for the last 7 days.

Below is a screenshot of an email promoting LUADD. Thanks to @TheReal666 for posting this on Twitter. Unfortunately the disclaimer is too small for me to read.

Other reliable sources have confirmed the Stock Callers promotion of LUADD:

I tweeted about the LUADD stock promotion on October 31, pointing out that the number of shares outstanding was a lot higher than many thought:

According to TheOTC.today, the StockCallers promotion group is comprised of the following websites:


The top three of those websites no longer exist and I cannot sign up for the Stock-Callers.com email list.

As of 11/17/2017 Tactical Services has begun trading as TTSI.

Update 3/8/2018: I finally got around to updating the chart of TTSI/LUADD. The first big down day (11/16/17) was as LUADD and the following day it began trading as TTSI.

Disclaimer. I am currently short LUADD and may add to my short or cover it at any time. No position in any other stock mentioned and I have no relationship with anyone mentioned in this post. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

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