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Aug 15

ElitePennyStock Paints target on its back: Best stock promoter out there

Disclosure: I’m short ElitePennyStock’s current promotion, AREN. See details at bottom. In a world in which ever more promoters and manipulators have not just been sued by the SEC but sent to prison by US Department of Justice it is a dangerous thing to be known as the best stock promoter. But with having …

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May 11

Riviera Tool Corp $RIVT does a NEST

When people ask why I prefer to trade penny stocks and preferably OTC stocks, my answer is that I prefer to trade against people who are less intelligent and experienced than I am. Considering all the smart people working at hedge funds I would likely be less intelligent and less experienced than the people trading …

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Sep 30

Nutranomics $NNRX pump and dump (with emphasis on the dump) by “Brighton Markets”

Perhaps the most enigmatic stock promoters currently in business is the group known by traders as “Brighton Markets”. They bring huge volume to their promotions and their promotions last for weeks or months. Their two most recent promotions were of iTalk Systems (TALK) and Green Innovations Ltd (GNIN). Prior to these two promotions (their only …

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May 27

SEC sues alleged stock manipulators behind BlueFire Ethanol (BFRE) and other pump & dumps

BlueFire was one of the first pump and dumps I observed. Below is the chart. Guess where the pump and dump occurred. Here is the summary from the SEC’s litigation release: The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed a complaint against Blake Williams of Dallas, Texas, and registered representative Derek Lopez, of Torrance, California, and …

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May 12

Trade recap for May 12th

Mentions of AEHI in chat: [May 12, 2010 12:00:56 PM EDT]     JC      AEHI hod [May 12, 2010 12:17:32 PM EDT]     JC    AEHI seems pumped hmm [May 12, 2010 12:22:32 PM EDT]     JC    frigging… AEHI new hod [May 12, 2010 12:24:59 PM EDT]     SteveS    AEHI how high will that go?! [May 12, …

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May 04

SEC sues alleged masterminds of Emergent Health (EMGE) pump & dump

See my previous post calling Emergent Health “the next pump.” Tim Sykes also wrote about Emergent Health. Evidently the SEC agreed with Sykes and myself as they have sued individuals involved in an alleged scheme to pump and dump Emergent Health and another company, Cardiovascular Sciences. Following is the SEC’s litigtation release; see legal complaint …

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Mar 05

February pump & dump recap

Here I show the charts of pumps from February and January. See if you notice a pattern. I bought most of these and shorted a few of these. When pump & dumps inevitably dump they drop fast, which is why I always say that buying pumps is very risky. So please, unless you are a …

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Feb 17

The inevitable conclusion to any pump & dump: Charts of CNWI, CRWG, PEPR

CNWI – This pump only lasted a couple days and then had a huge gap down when further pumping failed to materialize. CRWG – A low-volume longer-term pump. Three big down days have eliminated most of its gains. PEPR – Pumpers love new OTC listings and ticker changes. Again this only lasted a couple days. …

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Feb 08

Trade recap: Short selling NXTH for fun and $2700 in profit

Horrible trading on my part with NXTH but I still did okay. I love penny stock trading! See the video for more. Also check out a special edition of Tim Sykes’ Livestock tonight from 6pm to 7pm EST. Daily profit: $2677.44 Intra-day chart: Disclosure: No positions in any stock mentioned. This blog has a terms …

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Feb 07

Watchlist for February 7th: One shot, one kill

While I wish my title were referring to stock promoters, unfortunately it refers only to my wish for a short on a pumped-up stock. NXTH – ALFSS. This is very near collapse in my opinion. See Tim Sykes’ post on the pumping behind this stock rise. MITI – Nice chart. I will ignore it and …

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