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Oct 16

My new venture: OTC MicroCap Research

While there are plenty of people who write about microcap securities fraud and pump and dump scams, too little of the research reaches the people who need it the most: the small investors who believe in the scams. To help them I have created a new website, The only thing on that website will …

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Feb 23

The Default investment

This post was originally published on my blog on 7/27/2007. Due to blog moves it was not correctly moved to this blog so I have reposted it.  In what should you invest if you know nothing about investing? While there are plenty of people (most readers of my blog) who enjoys spending time seeking …

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Feb 10

Taxes for day-traders

See the embedded video for a quick summary of the major tax issues for traders and what business trader status means. Obviously I am not a CPA and I have no formal accounting training. Please see JK Lasser’s Your Income Tax 2012 and Robert Green’s Tax Guide for Traders. If you want to really get …

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Jun 27

Are your deposits insured? How to avoid losing money in the coming bank Armageddon

I am not one to use the term Armageddon lightly. But when major banks like National City (NCC) and Washington Mutual (WM) are trading under 30% of book and Wachovia (WB) is trading at under 50% of book value, what othe term is appropriate? The market is pricing in a fair probability of a number …

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Jun 11

It is time to end Americans’ acceptance of debt

Americans have too much debt. That is self-evident. More importantly, there has been a change in the culture to where debt is acceptable and even bankruptcy and foreclosure have lost much of their stigma. A Wall Street Journal article today profiled a woman who is buying a second house in her neighborhood with the purpose …

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May 14

Lawyers Behaving Badly

Q: What’s the difference between a catfish and a lawyer? A: One is a scum-sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish. I have recently made the acquaintance of a law firm that appears to use the above joke as its guiding principle. That firm is Friedman & Wexler. I recently got a new …

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May 08

The Coming Mortgage Crisis Part III: Low Interest Rates Do Not Make Housing More Affordable

Many people have argued that the current high house price to income ratio is not reason for house prices to decline, considering that interest rates are very low now. These people argue that what is important is not the actual price of the house, but the mortgage payment required to carry the house (for an …

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Apr 22

The coming mortgage crisis

If you read the papers and watch the news, you may believe that we are in and have been in a subprime mortgage crisis for the last year or so. That is true. Many pundits are also saying that the subprime crisis is nearing its end. That is also true, to a point. Subprime mortgage …

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Feb 13

Buy my book!

Okay, well it is not my book, but I co-authored a chapter. Plus, it is an interesting book. Are We Free? Psychology and Free Will gives the opinions (and research) of some of the world’s top psychologists on whether (and how) humans have free will. I have not read any chapter but my own, but …

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Feb 11

Financial Armageddon 2008: Part II

Well, it looks like my thoughts on a big financial catastrophe this year were not simply the inane ravings of a lunatic. Nouriel Roubini thinks very similarly to me. While neither he nor I am sure that this will happen, it is a distinct possibility, and it is worth preparing for it.

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