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Apr 13

An Introduction to shelf registrations

Probably the most common kind of way of issuing and registering new stocks is a shelf registration. This is filed on SEC Form S-3 (F-3 if the issuer is a foreign company). These can be used with multiple types of offerings, including most commonly PIPEs, Private Investments in Public Equities, where the shares have been …

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Mar 10

Some good posts on offerings and fundamental research

These come from Auspex Research on Twitter. Follow him. He has no blog but he does occasionally post longer thoughts on Twitlonger. A Gevo Inspired Twitlonger (10 June 2016) When A+B = D (17 November 2016) Realtime Analysis using Twitlonger (22 November 2016). Disclaimer. No position in any stocks mentioned and I have no business …

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Oct 26

A Short blog post of much importance

If you come across a bear and decide to run, what matters is that you run faster than the slowest person you are with, not that you be able to outrun everyone you are with or outrun the bear. This same sort of logic applies to trading, too. You don’t need to be the smartest …

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Jul 03

SEC Freezes accounts used in illegal sales of unregistered shares of Biozoom $BIZM

Earlier today the SEC announced that it froze accounts of eight different Argentinians who had illegally sold unregistered shares of Biozoom (BIZM). Two others who had not yet sold shares also had their accounts frozen. A week ago the SEC suspended trading in Biozoom. See my original post on the Biozoom promotion as well as …

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Jun 26

SEC suspends trading in Biozoom $BIZM due to alleged Rule 144 violation

This year has already seen more suspensions by the SEC of actively traded pump and dumps than any year since I started trading them back in 2007. Today’s suspension of Biozoom takes it to the next level though: the stock had only been actively promoted for a month and it was averaging huge dollar volume …

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Oct 16

My new venture: OTC MicroCap Research

While there are plenty of people who write about microcap securities fraud and pump and dump scams, too little of the research reaches the people who need it the most: the small investors who believe in the scams. To help them I have created a new website, The only thing on that website will …

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Sep 25

My four monitor workspace: What I watch during the trading day

Below is a screenshot of my 4-monitor workspace with all the programs I normally use during the trading day. Click the image for a full-size screenshot. My middle two monitors are 22″ and have 1900 x 1200 resolution so this is a huge image. I describe what I have on each monitor going from top …

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Sep 17

Lying stock promoters: & the FINRA short reports

One tactic that many stock promoters use over and over again to explain why their stock promotions are followed by large stock price declines is to blame it on the short sellers. Unfortunately, FINRA abets these lies by publishing without adequate explanation data required by the SEC’s Regulation SHO. This data provides information on every …

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Jun 19

Global Gaming Network (GBGM): First the pump, now the big dump

The GBGM pump has been one of the more interesting pump and dumps of late. It started on Friday June 8th around the open with pump emails from (disclosing $200,000 in compensation). I thought the email was simply spam because I could not remember ever signing up to pump websites with that email ([email protected]). …

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May 01

Ten easy steps to 1000% gains: How to create a pump company from scratch

One thing that most investors and traders do not know about the crazy, slimy underworld of OTCBB and Pinksheets stocks is that a large proportion of the companies are created for the sole purpose of being used in pump and dump schemes. Below is a guide to how penny stock operators create listed companies for …

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