The inevitable conclusion to any pump & dump: Charts of CNWI, CRWG, PEPR

CNWI – This pump only lasted a couple days and then had a huge gap down when further pumping failed to materialize.


CRWG – A low-volume longer-term pump. Three big down days have eliminated most of its gains.


PEPR – Pumpers love new OTC listings and ticker changes. Again this only lasted a couple days. Most of the volume appeared ‘fake’ to me, occurring in huge block trades.


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0 thoughts on “The inevitable conclusion to any pump & dump: Charts of CNWI, CRWG, PEPR”

  1. Sorry,

    I know you have this stupid question all weeks, but I opened Sogoelite account to short pennystocks, and for this Sykes strategy, it is not easy to find stocks on pump condition.

    I wanted to start with less than 10K account, that is the minimum on IB.

    Now I find that most pumped stocks are around 1USD…

    : ( : (

    As far as I know you can find borrows for many stocks below 1USD at IB.

    I think only chance is to open IB acc, now….

    What do you think?


    Thanks REAPER!

    1. Most pumps are unavailable anywhere. Risk/reward is much better shorting stocks over $1 anyway. But if I could have only 1 account, it would be at IB.

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