Nutranomics $NNRX pump and dump (with emphasis on the dump) by “Brighton Markets”

Perhaps the most enigmatic stock promoters currently in business is the group known by traders as “Brighton Markets”. They bring huge volume to their promotions and their promotions last for weeks or months. Their two most recent promotions were of iTalk Systems (TALK) and Green Innovations Ltd (GNIN). Prior to these two promotions (their only promotions this year) Brighton Markets had been less successful and was best known for the epic dumps of their pumps. Despite the big moves up in TALK and GNIN, both had epic dumps as well. See my blog posts on prior Brighton Markets pumps GNIN and TALK.


Why is Brighton Markets the most enigmatic of current promoters? Well, the thing I find most interesting about them is that they appear to use their websites for only a brief period of time, two or three pumps, before abandoning them and adding new websites. While other promoters have added and shed lots of websites, the rapidity with which Brighton Markets abandons websites is far greater, more akin to the spam promoter “StockCastle” than to AwesomePennyStocks. Here is a current list of active Brighton Markets websites that I have discovered: note that only a few of these websites were also used for the TALK promotion.

Notice the IP addresses of the websites in the list below. Over the last year most traders of promoted stocks have become aware of the ease with which a person can run a reverse-IP search to see what other websites are on the same server and have the same IP as a promoter’s website. I guess the “Brighton Markets” folks thought they would make it a little harder by putting their websites on different IP addresses. Of course, because they are all hosted at, they have IP addresses that are very close and they share a domain name server. Once I figured that out it was easy to find their other functional websites (and many that are defunct).


Website IP Address

Here is a list of some of their defunct websites or websites that may not have ever been used:


Taking a page from the AwesomePennyStocks playbook, the Brighton Markets group has continued to send emails to the email lists of many now-defunct websites, including (email I received on 9/28 shown below):


But even more interesting is that the CANSPAM-required information of all of these emails shows the following image:



Clicking on the “Legal Disclaimer” or “Compliance Disclosures” links takes you to different pages on the website. Visiting that website is like taking the blue pill and going down the rabbit hole. Evidently, ECA stands for “Ethics, Compliance & Awareness”. I never imagined that I would ever see a stock promoter talking up their ethical credentials. Perhaps even more bizarre is that at the footer at the bottom of that web page indicates that the ECA Group is a self-policing professional organization and links are given to file complains about a member and to submit an official inquiry from a regulatory body. That all sounds very professional, but of course every single promotion website that is part of the ECA Group is owned by the same promotion group, promoting the same stocks, and run on the same server.



The cherry at the top of this absurdity sundae though has to be the WHOIS information on the website This “self-policing professional organization” has a website that was registered on 26 September 2013, after the promotion of NNRX had already begun.



[Edit 2013-12-12] There was an ‘analyst’ website setup to promote NNRX called A copy of their NNRX report is here.

Disclaimer: I have no position in any stock mentioned. I have no relationship with any parties mentioned above. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

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