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Feb 15

President’s Day Q&A

I have received a lot of questions over the last week. I attempt to answer them in the videos below. 1. Can you trade OTC stocks with Sogotrade and how are their borrows for shorting OTC stocks? 2. Will ThinkorSwim have better borrows on shorts once they merge with Ameritrade? Answer: no. 3. Why did …

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Feb 11

Q&A: Setting up pages on IB TWS & trading based on TimAlerts

I answer the following questions: 1. How do you set up your pages on Interactive Brokers TWS so that symbols don’t disappear when you disconnect? 2. Do you recommend Tim Sykes’ TimAlerts service to those who have no experience trading? Do his DVDs explain very basic stuff like how to make a trade on a …

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Feb 10

Q&A: How to deal with the wash sale rule & trader tax status

Many traders do not understand wash sale rules; failing to do so can lead to huge tax problems. Below is the definition of wash sales and how to account for them according to the IRS. Wash Sales You cannot deduct losses from sales or trades of stock or securities in a wash sale. A wash …

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Feb 06

Q&A – Saturday morning mailbag: Time & sales, position sizing, Canadian brokers, position sizing, & more!

Video #1 questions: 1. What is up with Interactive Brokers’ Time & Sales feature? It seems to have multiple prints of large trades that don’t occur? 2. How do I enable AQS Stock Loan / Borrow in IB? (I suggested seeing my post on that and then signing up to my email list so you …

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Jan 30

Q&A: Saturday morning mailbag

Questions asked include: 1. How do you set hotkeys in IB TWS? 2. How to configure charts in IB TWS for indicators other than volume? 3. How can you configure IB charts to show news? 4. Really long question about level 2. 5. What will I do when I am rich and my account is …

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Jan 27

Q&A: Wednesday reader mailbag

If you have a question drop me an email and I’ll try to answer it in my next Q&A post. In the video I answer the following three questions: 1) What settings do I use on my charts in Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation. 2) How does one trade without level 1 real-time data? Is level …

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Jan 23

Q&A: Saturday morning mailbag

In the video I answer the following questions: 1. How does one interpret the cumulative size and average price on Interactive Brokers’ Market Depth? 2. How do you find pumps and is it a good strategy? (Note: I will not answer any more questions on this topic because besides being ethically dubious, buying pumps is …

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Jan 21

Q&A: OTC Level 2, scanning for volume spikes, & more!

Watch the video for my answers to these questions. 1. Where can I go to get good OTC level 2? 2. How can I scan for stocks getting volume spikes? 3. Where do you get the live news that I have seen on your trade recaps? 4. How do I scan for OTC stocks I’m …

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Jan 20

Q&A: Commissions & fees at Interactive Brokers and stock promoters

I answer your questions in the video: 1. What are the cancel order and trade bust fees at Interactive Brokers? 2. What is the difference between bundled and unbundled commission structures at Interactive Brokers? 3. Where do I find out about different stock promoters (pumpers)? Disclosure: I am a happy customer of Interactive Brokers. No …

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Jan 15

Saturday morning mailbag

In the video I answer a few questions: 1. How do I spot volume breakouts during the day? 2. How do I set alerts at IB? 3. How did I get an account at Goldman Sachs? 4. How do I find stocks moving in the pre-market? If you send me an email your question or …

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