Trade non-recap for the rest of Thanksgiving week

Not much — a profit of  $315.49 on AMOK (I re-bought just above where I sold at 1.41) and some small scalps.

Profit not previously posted: $397.82

Weekly profit: $1178.39

Disclosure: Short 11,000 shares of HHWW at IB and long 11,000 shares of HHWW at SpeedTrader; long 3000 shares of AMOK at SpeedTrader that I intend to sell near the open Monday. No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

8 thoughts on “Trade non-recap for the rest of Thanksgiving week”

  1. Why are you short 11k HHWW and long 11k HHWW? Are you going to sell one of the positions when you figure out which way it is going on monday and keep the other? You just wanted to reserve 11k short, so you’re covering yourself incase it spikes up?

    1. Only reason is to lock up the shares to short. I wanted to be sure to have them for when the time is right. I will probably start averaging into a short on Monday and average up if it keeps going up.

  2. Michael-
    Are you affiliated with Citron Research in any way whatsoever? Technical difficulties are a bitch, ya know? Do you have any ideas why I’m asking this question? Come clean first. Are you or aren’t you affiliated with Citron Research in any way whatsoever?


  3. Come clean, Michael. Your site had more technical difficulties yesterday and let everyone know that you share a common database with Citron Research. I have evidence, but before I broadcast it to the world, I’ll give you a chance to respond. Again, I’ll ask my question…are you affiliated with Citron Research in any way whatsoever? Come clean, say yes, and let everyone know what your affiliation is with Citron.


    1. My site has no technical difficulties. Any error message you see is because that is what is shown to IP addresses I am blocking from viewing my blog. I block annoying people from viewing my blog, which is part of my overall strategy to reduce unnecessary stress from interacting with idiotic trolls on the interweb. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work.

      If by a common database, you mean that Citron Research and I both use WordPress to power our blogs, then you’ve got me. Of course, WordPress is used by millions of blogs so that is meaningless. Please post your research on how you know I am connected to Andrew Left. I look forward to being amused.

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