Trade recap for November 22nd

This is obviously posted later than normal. My apologies.

All trades today:
09:21:39    HHWW    B    1.2    4500    ARCA
09:30:11    HHWW    S    1.35    730    NITE
09:30:12    HHWW    S    1.35    730    NITE
09:30:27    HHWW    S    1.35    1040    NITE
09:32:32    HHWW    S    1.347    1000    NITE
09:33:02    HHWW    B    1.35    1000    SBSH
09:48:41    HHWW    S    1.34    2000    SBSH
09:52:42    HHWW    B    1.34    400    NITE
09:54:12    HHWW    B    1.36    1550    SBSH
09:54:54    HHWW    B    1.36    50    SBSH
15:56:01    HHWW    S    1.3989    2000    SBSH

SLD    2,000    HHWW    false    Stock    1.3470    USD    SMART    09:32:35        10.00        null
+    SLD    13,000    CABN    false    Stock    .094    USD    SMART    10:15:04        6.10        null
BOT    13,000    CABN    false    Stock    0.0851    USD    SMART    11:58:32        5.53        null
+    SLD    5,000    APRI    false    Stock    3.400    USD    DRCTEDGE    13:27:25        25.00        null
+    BOT    3,900    APRI    false    Stock    3.368    USD    ARCA    13:28:49        19.50        null
+    BOT    1,100    APRI    false    Stock    3.338    USD    SMART    13:30:42        5.50        null

Daily profit: $780.57

Disclosure: Short 1700 shares of HHWW that I intend to cover early on 11/23. No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

4 thoughts on “Trade recap for November 22nd”

  1. How does it feel being a pump ‘n dump from the king of front-running, Timothy Sykes? Looks like he has no need for you anymore. Used you while you were hot, and kicked you to curb with measly performance like what you see to the right of this message. Do you feel used, Reaper?

    1. What are you even talking about? Do you even know what front-running means? And my measly performance is quite alright with me … 11/12 months positive this year and on target to hit my profit goals while keeping my risk very, very small isn’t that bad.

  2. @Jamal — Insane internet guy. Maybe he was reading too much into the fact that Tim Sykes forgot to mention me as a speaker at his conference when he was talking about it on Livestock Friday.

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