Trade recap for the end of Holy Week

Daily profit on March 31st: ($180.00)

Daily profit on April 1st: $196.20

Weekly profit: ($63.57)

Disclosure: No positions in any stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

One thought on “Trade recap for the end of Holy Week”

  1. I just wanted to write to say that I have really appreciated the past few weeks of your posts. Really! Your risk control is extraordinary. It seems to me that you have what it takes to make a living in the market: rule #1- don’t lose money. You are keeping your losses to a (almost laughably) controllable level, which means that you will be around for weeks, months, years to come. That’s all that matters. I do not know anyone who has actively traded the markets for a DECADE and not eventually turned a profit. Most blow out or give up. If you stick in there, keep your losses to these levels (ie. fractions of a percent of your account), and keep fixing the problems, you will eventually fix enough problems that there won’t be too many left. I applaud your efforts and your consistency in recording your results. Dr. Alexander Elder says “Show me a trader with good records, and I will show you a good trader.” Keep up the journal/blog. Keep trading. Keep losing tiny amounts of money. You will make it. You definitely have the discipline it takes to endure in this profession. Kudos!

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