Help a reader: Best sources for stock news

It is time for you the blog reader to do some work! I received the following question from a reader and it is a question that you, my readers could probably answer better than I.

I like to read the news (ie earnings, annual reports) releases during the day as news is released, but also at the end of the day. Here in Australia it is quite simply because all stock news releases are via once central website (ie

I am wondering how I would go about finding the news releases for stocks on the NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX/OTC? Is there a central website which lists all news releases, or do you need to look through the individual exchange websites? Is it possible to see all tickers news, or do you need to search individual tickers? What website do you use?

My response is that I do not trade based off news so I don’t care about having a general news ticker. To get news on stocks I’m watching I will either go to Yahoo! Finance or look it up in the ThinkorSwim or Interactive Brokers’ TWS software.

Please leave your advice in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Help a reader: Best sources for stock news”

  1. I heard Australia was becoming more and more socialist but dayuuum, that’s pretty funny. If Obamanation has it’s way we’re right behind you comrade.

  2. I use’s stock screener, so I also use their news. Their news page aggregates news from Bloomberg, Yahoo, Reuters, Wall Street Journal. I think you catch most things if you keep between all the sites it collects. if you’re watching a stock you can search the ticker and it will show any realted news at the bottom.

  3. If you can afford putting $500 into a Scottrade account, you will get:
    * Standard & Poor’s News and Commentary
    * Dow Jones News
    * Briefing News and Commentary
    * Market Edge On the Edge Commentary
    for free!!!

    1. Yeah, this is pretty good. Unfortunately it doesn’t have some of the newswires. Unless you get a Bloomberg terminal or subscribe to a service like (I have heard good things about it but not used it) you won’t get timely market-moving news from DJ Newswires and Bloomberg Newswires.

  4. I’ve never paid for news feeds, but I’ve thought about it. I usually just get my news off Google Finance and not Yahoo Finance. With CNBC, sometimes they have ‘news’ that moves the markets that isn’t real news, so you wouldn’t have that base covered with a news wire. For instance, when Maria Bartiromo was at some Las Vegas tech convention and had PALM featured on it, the stock sky rocketed in real time. You sure won’t find a news wire saying ‘PALM featured on Closing Bell’ LOL

  5. I also like You get a lot of the news and they have a free trial as well. I only wish you could filter out news for NYSE, OTCBB, NASDAQ, etc. specifically.

  6. I thought I smelled someone burning out.

    Modding, tweeting and blogging (and probably emailing) is a ton of work. I feel for you man.

    welll hope you come back Reaper. and hope your trading continues to go well.

  7. Blogging is a HELL of a lot of work. Kudos to anybody undertaking this and doing it well. Hope you get that monkey off your back, Michael.

  8. I use Quotemedia –

    That is the only website so far that I’ve found which actually lists all the press releases issued by a company. These are the ones which I’m often most interested in, since they are specific and provide a running history of the company’s important events (similar to 8-Ks, but easier to read and more broad).

    Quotemedia is publicly-traded (QMCI.OB) and it looks like it may go out of business, which would be a damn shame given that I can’t find any other company which offers this service.

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