Trade recap for March 29th & March 30th

No video today.

Daily profit for March 29th: $104.83

Trades @ Speedtrader:
12:04:54    RNGC    B    1.05    2500    NITE
14:45:28    BGBR    B    0.75    4000    NITE
12:40:00    RNGC    B    1.05    2300    NITE
09:31:22    FWTC    S    0.069    12500    NITE

Daily profit for March 30th: ($184.60)

Trades @ Speedtrader:
11:48:20    CDIV    B    0.509    5000    ETMM
09:34:35    BGBR    S    0.74    4000    NITE
09:34:28    RNGC    S    1.04    4800    PFSI
15:26:03    CLRH    B    1.23    1500    ARCA
15:26:03    CLRH    B    1.23    500    ARCA
11:59:41    CDIV    S    0.515    5000    NITE

Trades at IB:
+    BOT    1,000    BIOF    false    Stock    3.380    USD    SMART    09:30:36        5.00
BOT    100    ALN    false    Stock    3.85    USD    DRCTEDGE    09:31:16        1.00
SLD    100    ALN    false    Stock    3.89    USD    SMART    09:31:37        1.00
+    SLD    1,000    BIOF    false    Stock    3.310    USD    SMART    09:35:26        5.00

Disclosure: Long 2,000 CLRH. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

4 thoughts on “Trade recap for March 29th & March 30th”

    1. I’ve used SpeedTrader in the past, too. I’m generally happy with their speed on OTCs. Also note that SpeedTrader is the same as RealFastTrader which is the same as StockUSA Investments… all of which clear through Penson, I believe.

      I have an Etrade account and their executions are horrible, horrible, horrible. TD Ameritrade just as bad. TradeStation worse. If someone is looking for a flat-rate commission and browser-based order entry, Zecco does a decent job with speed on OTCs (I’ve used them before).

  1. SogoTrade… my new favorite broker… absolutely hate the setup, but love the borrows.
    I use TOS for charting, analysis, deciding entry and exit points, scanning and level 2.

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