Watchlist for January 6th

Americas Energy Company (AENY.OB) – I’m short this horrid pump & dump overnight. I shorted twice today, with realized profits of $916.50. I remain short 2,000 shares from $4.60. I expect a small gap down and a morning panic. Because this is a true pump and dump it could fall very far. That being said, I will close my position quickly, like I always do.


JayHawk Energy, Inc. (JYHW.OB) – This is it! America’s next top pump & dump. I am long 1,200 shares overnight expecting another gap up tomorrow. Because this is a pump I will sell quickly, but I believe it has more to run before the dump. Hopefully it is pumped past $2.00 and then I will get excited about shorting it.


UAUA, LUV, AMR, DAL, & LCC – Airlines up big for some reason. I don’t play these, but if you like to play hot sectors, take a look at these.


JASO & SOLF & YGE – Solars are doing well. Both are at nice breakout points and has a history of multi-day runs.


MNI, GCI, NYT – Newspapers are hot, too!


Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN) & ICx Technologies, Inc. (ICXT) – These are annoying. They should’ve died by now, but are stubbornly holding onto most of their gains. After consolidation today I am long-biased.



On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTIV) – Contract win! Could move more tomorrow, who knows, but will move some which way.


New Energy Technologies, Inc. (NENE.OB) – An old Lebed pump, looks like it is getting re-pumped.


Mindspeed Technologies Inc. (MSPD) – This was a beautiful breakout today, called in chat as it approached $5.00


Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) – Short biased if it goes green/red.


Westport Innovations Inc. (WPRT) – Nearing its 52-week highs. I’d like this as a long on red/green.


Disclosure: Short 2,000 AENY and long 1,200 JYHW. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

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