Another good trading day: $1666.68 in profits

Judging by some of the search queries people use to find this website, some people believe that I receive some special treatment from Tim Sykes (or that there is some sort of leak in his alert system) and I get his TimAlert trade alerts before other people. That is not true. If it were true, I certainly wouldn’t be dumb enough to blog about the trades I made using that information. The truth is, I have actually learned how to day-trade based on what Sykes teaches in his ever-expanding oeuvre of DVDs (my favorites among them that I own: Pennystocking Part Deux and TimFundamentals Part Deux).

My buy to cover order today on AENY and my first short of it yesterday are good examples. In both cases I traded about the same time Sykes did, before I even received his TimAlert. Why did I do this? Because I have been trained to think like Sykes. We both shorted AENY yesterday near the open because it was opening down after a fade the previous day (and it was a blatant pump & dump). I waited about a minute after the open to make sure it wouldn’t spike and I think Tim Sykes did the same before shorting. We both covered AENY today at about $4.30 because we like to take gains and the stock had ceased falling and was going sideways and even slightly up. Of course, covering there was not ideal because the stock promptly dropped to 4.18 and later hit $3.80, but the thinking on our parts was correct: we were just too conservative.

My overnight short of AENY was in my ThinkorSwim account and thus will show up on Covestor.

Watch the video for my trade recap and some advice on how pump & dumps work and what to keep in mind if you try to buy them.

Daily profit: $1666.68

Trades at IB:
SLD    500    JYHW    false    Stock    1.5400    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:12:41        2.50
+    SLD    500    ECOB    false    Stock    .705    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:30:53        2.50
SLD    500    ECOB    false    Stock    0.7200    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:32:01        1.80
SLD    500    ECOB    false    Stock    0.7150    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:32:57        1.79
SLD    700    JYHW    false    Stock    1.4500    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:33:36        3.50
SLD    1,000    ECOB    false    Stock    0.7160    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:34:07        3.58
+    BOT    1,200    AHD    false    Stock    7.280    USD    ARCA    14:19:41        6.00
+    BOT    10,000    AHD    false    Stock    7.290    USD    SMART    14:19:41        50.00
+    SLD    8,800    AHD    false    Stock    7.362    USD    ISLAND    14:20:57        44.00
+    SLD    2,400    AHD    false    Stock    7.430    USD    NYSE    14:21:55        12.00
+    BOT    1,200    CSGH    false    Stock    2.260    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:52:19        6.00
+    BOT    3,200    ECOB    false    Stock    .810    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:54:08        16.00

Disclosure: Long 3,200 ECOB and 1,200 CSGH. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Another good trading day: $1666.68 in profits”

  1. Reaper, was wondering if you could tell me what charting software you use there?

    I don’t like TOS software.

  2. Hi MG,

    i Can’t believe how any person can buy according to a pump newsletter!

    MG: are you sure that are fool guys buying pumped stocks by emails?

    I think nobody would buy because receive spam!?

    Thanks for clarifying .

    1. Well, I was watching it because it was a nice breakout, but it was also a Tim Sykes trade and I was notified he bought it because I’m a TimAlerts member.

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