Trade recap: $900 in profits on pump & dump Americas Energy Company (OTC: AENY)

I don’t like trading soon after the new year or in a new month, because it means the slate is clean and any loss will put me into the red. Yes, I know it is a dumb psychological hangup, but that is how I think. So I was more relieved than elated after making $916.50 on my short of AENY today. My total profit for the new year is now just under $1500, which is not bad for two days’ work. Even better, I made my first trade in my ThinkorSwim account (1k of my 3k shares short of AENY), which is tracked by Covestor.

I wasn’t the only one to profit from AENY … Tim Sykes shorted at the same time I did but covered later and made more. While I am a TimAlerts subscriber, I shorted it before I got the TimAlert, because I understand pump & dumps, having learned about how to trade them from Sykes’ DVDs.

I bought ECOB and JYHW into the close, looking for gaps up on them tomorrow and then I will look to sell quickly. These are both pumps so I recommend staying away.

Trades at IB:
SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock    4.7400    USD    SMART    09:31:24        5.00
SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock    4.7000    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:32:51        5.00
BOT    500    AENY    false    Stock    4.4400    USD    SMART    10:27:36        2.50
BOT    200    AENY    false    Stock    4.3850    USD    SMART    10:31:19        1.00
BOT    200    AENY    false    Stock    4.3250    USD    SMART    10:34:29        1.00
BOT    300    AENY    false    Stock    4.3200    USD    ARCAEDGE    10:35:33        1.50
+    BOT    200    AENY    false    Stock    4.290    USD    SMART    10:39:19        1.00
+    BOT    300    AENY    false    Stock    4.173    USD    ARCAEDGE    10:57:33        2.00
BOT    300    AENY    false    Stock    4.2000    USD    ARCAEDGE    10:57:55        1.50
BOT    2,500    ECOB    false    Stock    0.6600    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:44:26        8.25
BOT    1,200    JYHW    false    Stock    1.3900    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:53:29        6.00

Daily profit: $916.50

Disclosure: Short 2,000 AENY, long 1,200 JYHW, and long 2,500 ECOB. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

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  1. Reaper, how do you know ECOB is BDPS pick before the market close, as I received their email after the market was closed?

    1. I didn’t know … but I thought it was going to get pumped by someone. Pumpers almost invariably front-run their picks and that results in a certain tell-tale stock chart. Furthermore, BDP or related pumpers had given clues. To be honest, I didn’t figure that last part out, InvestorsLive of the InvestorsUnderground chat room did. You can sign up for that chat using my link and save 10%:

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