Trade recap for December 30th, St. Egwin’s feast day

I nailed the entry on buying PIP today but sold over $1.10 too early. Oops. I shorted it in my BlogoElite account too but my entry wasn’t great and I didn’t hold it long. By the way, my PIP entry was alerted in my new stock chat (see link at top of my blog) and several people there made good money on it.

BOT    700    SPNC    false    Stock    7.01    USD    ISLAND    09:41:20        3.50
SLD    300    SPNC    false    Stock    7.11    USD    ISLAND    09:45:16        1.50
+    SLD    700    SPNC    false    Stock    6.976    USD    DRCTEDGE    09:47:15        4.00
BOT    300    SPNC    false    Stock    6.99    USD    SMART    09:48:16        1.50
SLD    200    VRMLQ    false    Stock    27.10    USD    SMART    10:10:46        1.00
BOT    200    VRMLQ    false    Stock    27.02    USD    SMART    10:12:56        1.00
+    BOT    2,400    PIP    false    Stock    2.170    USD    AMEX    12:42:47        12.00
+    SLD    1,200    PIP    false    Stock    2.240    USD    AMEX    12:44:30        6.00
+    SLD    1,175    PIP    false    Stock    2.270    USD    AMEX    12:45:04        5.88
SLD    25    PIP    false    Stock    2.23    USD    ISLAND    12:45:20        1.00

Daily profit: $220.62

Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for December 30th, St. Egwin’s feast day”

  1. thanks for the recap and all the work Reaper!

    TOS ThinkOnDemand….wow.


    go back and trade the past tick for tick.

    Want to redo yesterday — just select that time frame and trade it again…real time or slow it down.

    next version … TOS FutureOnDemand…trade tomorrow before it happens!



  2. how you don’t scale in and scale out on IB since they are such cheap commissions? I think you can gain more profit that way.

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