Trade recap for 12/23

One good trade today and one small botched trade … I am happy with today.

+    SLD    1,000    AHD    false    Stock    6.990    USD    ARCA    09:31:21        5.00
BOT    300    AHD    false    Stock    6.6498    USD    SMART    09:37:57        1.50
+    BOT    700    AHD    false    Stock    6.419    USD    DRCTEDGE    09:38:38        3.50

Daily profit: $493.56

Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for 12/23”

  1. Hey Reaper- just started seeing your name popping up lately…..first time to your site so am a bit unclear what your approach is re: telegraphing or mention what you are looking at in AM prior to open? Or do you just post your trades after the close?


    1. I post a watchlist almost every evening, with varying amounts of detail about how I would trade a stock I’m watching. If I’m not lazy I will post interesting pre-market gainers in the comments.

  2. CGEN short on red, volume was massive today and I do not believe it will hold up tomorrow.
    PSDV not as much volume but same play, short on red but if it gaps down it would be hard to play.
    CHTL, John played this nice today going long but it’s OTC so it could drop fast when it starts, it has a nice b/o chart and could be played long on green. I will not.

    These are very speculative plays;
    LTXC will be nice if it breaks 1.80 with volume.
    SBSA on .90 break with volume could be good.
    TRS beautiful b/o on crappy volume, unless the volume picks up it will be useless.

  3. I’m thinking of getting out of CHTL in at 1.15 this morning..
    ATHX – i’m still short at 6.06… not sure as to hold this short until later this afternoon where there may be an afternoon fade
    SNSS – Swing trade, long at 1.33

    EROC – possible breakout
    JDSU – possible breakout
    FSII – broke out already and cleared $2 which was strong resistance looking back a few years .
    MESA – possible breakout
    CRIS – broke out, but moves extremely slow

  4. I like your site-uncluttered….got in CGEN short-thanks to your heads up-scaled out of 1/2 position and held some for Monday open- we’ll see…..

    Still like AHD on the short side or would you wait for a sell limit at 6.73?

  5. I see you like TS’s Pennystocking PT Deux…what’s you next favorite if I wanted to buy 2? Am thinking of the Shortstocking DVD….

    1. I like TimFundamentals Part Deux … expect a long review of it later this week. I think with those two DVD sets you get 95% of Tim’s strategy.

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