Watchlist for Christmas Eve

An abbreviated and late watchlist today.

AHD, CIIC, SNS, CGEN, PSDV, ATHX are all potential shorts on weakness. ATHX and CGEN are probably the best setups. SNS is the dark-horse.

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33 thoughts on “Watchlist for Christmas Eve”

  1. here are some comments from the last post relevant to today:

    Preston said:

    CGEN short on red, volume was massive today and I do not believe it will hold up tomorrow.
    PSDV not as much volume but same play, short on red but if it gaps down it would be hard to play.
    CHTL, John played this nice today going long but it’s OTC so it could drop fast when it starts, it has a nice b/o chart and could be played long on green. I will not.

    These are very speculative plays;
    LTXC will be nice if it breaks 1.80 with volume.
    SBSA on .90 break with volume could be good.
    TRS beautiful b/o on crappy volume, unless the volume picks up it will be useless.

  2. JohnC said:

    I’m thinking of getting out of CHTL in at 1.15 this morning..
    ATHX – i’m still short at 6.06… not sure as to hold this short until later this afternoon where there may be an afternoon fade
    SNSS – Swing trade, long at 1.33

    EROC – possible breakout
    JDSU – possible breakout
    FSII – broke out already and cleared $2 which was strong resistance looking back a few years .
    MESA – possible breakout
    CRIS – broke out, but moves extremely slow

  3. Tim is in Aruba!
    I rebuilt the refinery there in 2001 after a bad fire, I lived there for 7 months, awesome place. I cried when they made me leave, like two weeks after the job was over. 🙂

    Ameriturd has QCOR shares to borrow, lots of resistance ahead for that one, will be looking for HOD short, hopefully like CGEN yesterday.

    1. rob, I normally just pay attention to volume and price action on this type of play; volume fading nicely and price action acting good too, if you are patient it will come down more…. slowly. IMHO of course

  4. i sold CHTL right at open, thats why i was upset.
    But ur right i do hold forever… im still Short ATHX at 6.06 and lost about 40 cents of profit since the open… now its at 5.75, i’m still waiting for it to reach 5.40’s again or so..
    Volume has dwindled to about half of what it was for the second 30 minutes of the day

  5. AMTD has no shares of ATHX to borrow, not sure I would here but it looks tempting. These higher volume plays mess me up, I have a hard time finding a entry for shorting.

  6. I admire everyone’s dedication but, sheesh, take the day off from trading, or at least the rest of the day.

    Not that I’d ever do that, though …

  7. lol, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. 🙂

    I haven’t made any trades, just watched. Something I noticed yesterday was the HOD shorting I have been doing has changed back to pre-earnings type moves. With CGEN yesterday it was up big and it scared me off, I have gotten use to the 25-45% movers before going short. Of course we know what happened to CGEN, it fell nicely for a would be nice gain with even a botched up entry. Before earnings I was playing the 80 – 100% movers and making easy money on a high percentage. Keep in mind there were only a dozen or so before it changed. But then I got really comfortable with going short a 30% mover, it took a little while because I thought it wasn’t up enough.
    SO now it’s back to the drawing board, next week, time permitting I am going to try a big mover with the right conditions of course.
    I know y’ll miss my rambles. 🙂

  8. What possible good news could come out if i were to hold ATHX over the christmas break? … seems like the deal hasn’t official gone through with PFE. is that it?

    I don’t want to pull out because of the daytrades, and it seems to be struggling big time.

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