Trade recap for December 9th

Not too much exciting for me today. In my video I promote the Investors Underground chatroom; use my link and type in “reaper” as the promo code and you can save money there.

Trades at IB:

BOT    1,000    NLST    false    Stock    5.5900    USD    ISLAND    09:30:14        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    NLST    false    Stock    5.750    USD    SMART    09:30:54        5.00
SLD    500    LZB    false    Stock    9.90    USD    NYSE    09:35:45        2.50
+    BOT    500    LZB    false    Stock    9.874    USD    ARCA    09:54:22        2.50
+    BOT    500    NLST    false    Stock    5.950    USD    ARCA    14:53:03        2.50
+    SLD    500    NLST    false    Stock    5.844    USD    SMART    14:55:59        2.50
+    BOT    1,000    SMCE    false    Stock    1.665    USD    SMART    15:59:21        5.00

Daily profit: $110.04

Disclosure: Long 1000 SMCE and short 5000 RWC. No positions in anything else mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for December 9th”

  1. interesting. I already received e-mails from bestdamnpennystocks about SMCE yesterday afternoon. Amazing can gap up over 150% without a single trade, decent market cap for a penny stock and not sub-penny.

    I bought IFNY EOD yesterday, same higher volume creep up as SMCE’s chart – didn’t materialize though.

    1. I didn’t know. I inferred. I gave you all the evidence I had in the video. The stock action itself was important … usually pumps collapse towards the end of the day. Strength into the close usually indicates that pumpers are buying in anticipation of continuing the pump.

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