Watchlist for a blizzardly Thursday

AAU – Hmm, looks nice a nice breakout, but no volume today. Pass.


AFFX – First really big up day with volume since the stock’s crash in late October. It might have more.


LIWA – Now that is a breakout!


GGWPQ – Keeps going. No clear play IMHO but it will continue to be volatile.


IMGN – Up on breast cancer drug news today, chart looks decent.


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32 thoughts on “Watchlist for a blizzardly Thursday”

  1. DVAX closed strong today and on good volume, not sure how to play it because the chart is choppy.
    PLNR has a decent b/o chart, a little resistance ahead and the volume was low, look for further strength.
    PCYC, wait for the breakdown, short on red or after the first red day.
    LIWA, awesome chart.
    CIIC, good chart but low volume.

  2. Yeah, well we are freaking out here because it getting to the low 30’s tonight. I had my share of the snow when I worked in Punta Arenas, Chile. I worked there for 14 months and really had a great time, we hiked in Patagonia and went skiing on July 4th, awesome times.
    It really seems that we might have a hard winter this year.

  3. LIWA is a great breakout fro this afternoon. Morning spike purchase would have been better played as a purchase this afternoon. How do you please these if at all Reaper?

    1. I please them by complimenting them and giving them backrubs!

      Oh, you meant how do I play them? I usually don’t, but the way to do it is to buy it after it breaks out of a period of consolidation and gets a bit of volume. This happened to LIWA yesterday as it broke the day’s highs right after 3pm EST.

  4. Hi REAPER:

    do you make fundamental research for your watchlist? Or it is just technical (TA+sykes) details that you study?

    Thank you!

    1. 90% technical … but 10% fundamental. So if I see something go up big, but on “fluff” or unimportant news, I will be short-biased, whereas if it is up on big news (like earnings) I will be long-biased.

  5. IMGN showing some strength but it has resistance ahead, may be a play to 10 or so, kinda risky.

    ONTY up on drug news, horrible chart though.

  6. FYI all out of SMCE … sold right at open, too soon. Today will be an interesting trade recap for sure! +$280 for the day so far, pretty good considering I lost $700-odd on my RWC short I held o/n.

  7. if i have a LIMIT order working inside of Think or Swim. Short Biased… can i edit the order before it gets filled? Its for 2,000 shares, yet i only want it to work for 1,000 shares…

    and i want some thoughts on BIOF too before going short on this trade

  8. Yes you can edit the order, look at your order on the chart, right click and hit edit instead of cancel. If right click doesn’t work use the regular click.

    I’m short 700 LEE at 3.69.

  9. And it looks like it still has to get there before reversing to me… my biased opinion, go long at 3.30 and hold til $4. no play right now, and if i were to enter it, i’d go long.

  10. You may be right, I might have entered to early but my time is limited watching and it looks like a good trade.
    It looks to be consolidating now, not good for me.

  11. BIOF looks like it never touched red even though it was close. I don’t see a good play on that as it has consolidated over the last week a bit. Not a ton of downside, definitely not below 3.15.

  12. Jamal I appreciate that but I am only a one dimensional trader, I’m still trying to learn to buy breakouts and profit from green/red plays as well. I have a good teacher though and I will get there.

    Covered LEE @ 3.45 for 167.00 gain, 6.5%. Not bad but I entered to early and lost a higher percent of profit because of that.

  13. I missed playing CYCC by .02 cents, I had an order in at 1.15 for 1000 short and it started down and never came back up.

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