2009 Las Vegas pennystocking seminar recap & photos

I just got back from Tim Sykes’ seminar in Las Vegas and I had a great time. It was fun to meet the people behind many of the screen names I see on Tim’s TimAlerts site, InvestorsUnderground, and my own blog. I was also successful in avoiding various people’s offers to procure me escorts or loose women (seriously!) … I’m holding onto my marriage long-term, and that is one great trade I’ll never mess up. I also avoided gambling and getting drunk … although I am wiped out from a lack of sleep (gotta love trading on the west coast!)

You can see many photos from the seminar on Flickr (these were uploaded by SobeGemini2).

Here are some highlights:

Tim Bohen destroying me in an arm wrestling matcharm_wrestling

A good chunk of the seminar attendees at the after-party at MGM’s Centrifuge bar.

A Tim Sandwich! Tim Bohen, me, and Tim Sykes.

Green on the screen, baby!

Oh, aren’t they cute together: Chris & Christina, a pennystocking couple.

Me speaking at the seminar. Awkward expression. Contrary to the slide, I am up $93,000+ trading Sykes’ strategy not in 2009 but since June 2008. I am up $43,479 for the year as of October 21th 2009, following Sykes’ strategy. My total trading profit for 2009 as of 10/21/2009 is $69,348.15.

Disclosure: I have a disclosure policy.

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