Trade recap for the 3rd 7th day of October

Attention penny stock bloggers! Please email me or leave a comment with your blog URLs. I will be doing a post on beginning traders who blog.

For your enjoyment, here is “Stick to your trading rules remix“, by Gohn (a remix of my auto-tuned trade recap on October 19th). For future reference, this is a very important post mostly because of this remix.

Boring day today … I missed Speedus Corporation (Nasdaq:SPDE); if I had seen it two minutes earlier I would’ve banked. I did not want to force trades today considering my jet-lagged condition.

I apologize for the poor audio … I hooked up my webcam and it accidentally recorded through that rather than my good mic. The video audio is louder than normal because of that. Also, note that when talking about JUNP in the video I confuse it with JNPR, which is doing fine. Of course, as a true penny stock, JUNP has no fundamentals whatsoever and understanding its business is completely irrelevant to trading it successfully (thanks to Steven who pointed out my confusion of the two companies).

BOT    1,200    BQI    false    Stock    1.3500    USD    NSX    09:47:31        6.00
+    SLD    1,200    BQI    false    Stock    1.366    USD    DRCTEDGE    09:51:47        6.00
BOT    10,000    JUNP    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.0430    USD    SMART    14:42:47        2.15
SLD    10,000    JUNP    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.0431    USD    SMART    15:02:45        2.16
+    SLD    1,000    USEG    false    Stock (SCM)    6.109    USD    DRCTEDGE    15:37:37        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    USEG    false    Stock (SCM)    6.100    USD    ISLAND    15:37:43        5.00
+    BOT    400    USEG    false    Stock (SCM)    5.970    USD    ISLAND    15:41:00        2.00
+    BOT    800    USEG    false    Stock (SCM)    6.000    USD    ARCA    15:41:35        4.00
+    BOT    800    USEG    false    Stock (SCM)    6.020    USD    SMART    15:42:57        4.00

Daily profit: $189.23

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy.

7 thoughts on “Trade recap for the 3rd 7th day of October”

    1. Ah didn’t get the stupid elephant. It is up to sobegemini2 or someone else with the “I am T-Pain” app to visit another Rainforest Cafe.

  1. Obviously you know about my lame blog but you asked for submittals so I’ll post it again.

    And I now have the remix of “Stick to your trading rules” playing on a nonstop loop!! If that doesn’t go viral, there is truly no justice in the world!!

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