Trade recap for October 20 and an abbreviated watchlist

I’m flying back from Las Vegas, where I had a grand old time meeting a bunch of pennystocking degenerates (and Michael Covel). It was good hanging with all y’all. And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas …

I barely traded today because I had a sketchy wifi connection and I am much slower trading on my laptop than on my home computer. If a situation is not ideal, don’t trade.

Daily profit: ($39.00)

SS 500 CBOU @ 9.01
Coverd 500 CBOU @ 9.09

On Watch

CHFI — Nice big spike and some fading today. It should go red tomorrow and then tank.Β  I would short on red. ALFSS.

TMI – The new Superman pump. I won’t play it.

TSTC – Nice breakout today to all-time highs. Potential long on green, although it did go up a lot today and isn’t as cheap as I like.

NXTH – The blatant manipulation continues. While I have no proof the stock is being manipulated higher, the gradual uptrend with almost no dips is indicative of manipulation. ALFSS.

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 20 and an abbreviated watchlist”

  1. Anyone else looking at ZHNE? Rising pretty good throughout the day today and earnings being reported in about half an hour (5:00 pm EST). I’m very new to all of this, so I’m really just looking for opinions from everyone else and don’t take my word as something worth pursuing.

  2. WDAS has a good pump going, it could run higher. They have some very serious press releases, that don’t amount to crap really, but people are buying bigtime.

  3. Any thoughts on RDCM or USEG for a short? Looks like tomorrow is tank day for USEG but since I am a newbie, would love to hear Reaper’s and others’ thoughts πŸ™‚

    1. 6.00 is the critical support for USEG, wait for it to break that before going support.

      RDCM had its first run up, ideally wait for this spike to fade away (green/red action) before shorting it…

    2. RDCM nice find Sandra. I would’ve looked to short it on red today if it had better volume / smaller spread.

      USEG has had a few days since news and hasn’t fallen much. I doubt it will. Seems to be consolidating to me.

  4. RDCM looks like a good play on red, the volume was decent today and I tried to get shares to short but ToS didn’ thave any. I’m not sure that I would’ve sold them but I did try at a higher price.
    USEG could tank on red, but I would be quick because a bounce would follow, with it being a oil play I would keep my finger on the trigger.

  5. SLM is a pre-market leader with better than expected earnings, it has resistance ahead that needs to be monitored. A clean brekout would be above 11.50 or so, but it could be nice for a gain below that.

  6. What is the deal with Superman since we are talking about TMI?
    the guy is on thelion all the time it seems, hyping his “entertainment” picks
    Is he a frontrunner? Pumper? I haven’t quite figured out his game.

    his picks do usually seem to get some traction and I’ve bought a couple when I’ve thought they actually are a good investment (Not SKBO/SKBI, ugh what a POS. if I read their 10Q correctly they claim to sell more of one type vaccine then the world has people). But I trust the guy about as far as I could throw him.

    luvb2b had a heck of a nice entertaining takedown on SKBO on seekingalpaha

  7. Type your comment here

    Reaper :

    He’s like The Lionmaster. He is a good trader, but a lot of what he does now is benefit from all the followers he has.

    hunh well that makes sense. Also makes sense why he’d leave his blog free.

  8. Have you looked at WDAS for a potential short went the pump is a dump, or do you think the move is justified. I read some of the releases and it seems like fluff to me, but I am not very good at that type of analyzing yet.

    1. That’s the power of a low-floater. If I’d been less jet-lagged and hadn’t missed most of pre-market I might have longed it. SPDE another great low-float stock I missed by a couple minutes during lunch.

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