Trade recap and watchlist for October 20th

Update: Here is my auto-tuned trade recap in mp3 format.

DDRX & CBOU nice breakouts. DDRX had a positive article in IBD while CBOU is up in sympathy. I bought and sold at a loss DDRX at 3pm EST today. CBOU I played earlier on the break above $9. CBOU has crappy volume but DDRX should have nice follow-through tomorrow. The ideal play on DDRX would have been to buy it on the huge breakout above $26.





VRMLQ had a nice breakout above $20 today and I made $1 per share on 200 shares. It is less predictable for tomorrow and the spread is horrid, so no play here.


Trades today:

BOT    200    VRMLQ    false    Stock    20.00    USD    SMART    09:37:48        1.00
SLD    200    VRMLQ    false    Stock    21.00    USD    SMART    09:55:30        1.00
BOT    500    CBOU    false    Stock    8.87    USD    SMART    12:24:13        2.50
+    BOT    4,860    CBOU    false    Stock    9.009    USD    ISLAND    12:25:28        24.30
+    BOT    200    CBOU    false    Stock    9.000    USD    ISLAND    13:15:46        1.00
+    SLD    5,560    CBOU    false    Stock    9.222    USD    ISLAND    13:18:17        27.80
+    BOT    400    DDRX    false    Stock    28.980    USD    ISLAND    14:53:59        2.00
+    SLD    400    DDRX    false    Stock    28.400    USD    SMART    15:28:19        2.00

-$236 on DDRX
+$198 on VRMLQ
+$1199.92 on CBOU

Daily profit: $1161.92

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

41 thoughts on “Trade recap and watchlist for October 20th”

    1. Everyone else could get it to play and I got it to work in my browser (just click on the link, and Quicktime will play it if you have it) and iTunes.

  1. Mother fucker!! I’m gonna kick myself for giving you that idea and not keeping it for my own use!!!

    That was some funny ass shit!!! And VERY VERY good considering it was a off the cuff first attempt!! Shortay!!!

  2. No TIm, at the webinar though. I heard you speak and you did great. I wasn’t able to haer Michael, I will have to wait for the DVD.

  3. Nice way to get a profit off the TIMAlert-engineered breakout…by the time I got the text message, it was already at 9.15ish so I didn’t make much off of it

  4. Don_S, it was in another post on this blog;

    I use the stock hacker, set my last from .25 to 15.00, use 30,000 min on the shares. Everything else is blank, I look for the differences between the previous days close and the bid ask of the current day, it’s a little work but it’s the only way I can do it. if it gets to huge I might up the volume some. I also set the show list to 250 per page. You can customize the headers to put the bid ask right next to yesterdays close so it’s easier.
    When I see one running I then put it in that days watchlist for a long or a short if it acts right, at the end of the day I move it to short on red for the next day. Being new I don’t play much but I am learning to set up better for when I am better at trading, if ever.

  5. OPTT was a good play on green/red, I have been in meetings and missed that one, though I don’t think I would’ve found shares.

  6. Arggh! Why am I such a cheap bastard?! I didn’t want to pay the $13 for wifi at my hotel so I am tethering off my 3g cell connection. I haven’t been able to listen to “I am an effecient scalper” yet b/c my bandwidth sucks.

  7. I usually screen for stocks with >1k shares in premarket when using IB.

    Statistically speaking, I make money more often when trading AMEX plays but I almost never do that.

  8. I often tinker with the limits to minimize, or sometimes maximize my views. Sometimes I put a max in the volume, usually about 45min before markets open so I can get out C and some of the hot ETF’s that are in play.
    Michael, being frugal sometimes has it’s downfalls, ha, I wouldn’t know because I have no limitations on my spending.

  9. blah, jamal, there is no comparison from what you put up there to using ToS for scanning for pre-market leaders. I have two default charts set (5day 5 min and 1 year day) that I dump the stocks into (from the click of a button) so I can get a feel if they are breaking out or just up. I have to look at old resistance and support to determine what they are doing, the recent news and earnings will automatically pop up once I load it in a chart. I am not the best by far but there is something to looking for a true pre-market leader, a lot more than just scanning a Yahoo board for NASDAQ stocks, IMHO.

  10. currently hanging out near D20 at McCarran Airport in Vegas … got a couple hours until my flight, gosh I love free airport wifi. Anyone around and want to drop by?

    1. Thats funny I’ve been sitting in terminal C for most of the morning, would go say hi but looks far and my flight boards soon, Mccarren’s wifi is great huh?

  11. Anyone else looking to short TSTC near Highs?… Its up a pretty lot and it’s pretty late in the day… The company is already 100$million in market cap, and they provide only 2G and 3G services… 4G is just around the corner… Granted this is the high of the last like 10 years…

    1. Maybe I overstated my case, but an all-time high on huge volume is bullish, and prior to today it hasn’t run up quickly so it isn’t particularly overextended. It could pull back some but I think r/r either way isn’t great.

  12. I’ll save it for the watch-list. I agree, still has potential… Its fluctuating a lot though, so i figured short as a swing trade… It very well could break to a new high by the end of the week.

  13. I love TOS ‘s platform… you can see the orders being placed that move the stock up and down… helps alot when choosing a price to get in and out at.
    And you can short!!! But commissions are a little nicer with Zecco.

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