Trade recap for October 5th: Yawn

I know I’ve been getting a ton of comments on each post throughout the trading day most days as readers discuss stocks. Would anyone be interested in me hosting a chat on this website? The likely program would be Parachat (used by InvestorsUnderground and TimAlerts). I would charge $9.99/month to cover the cost of hosting the chat and to compensate me for moderating and contributing to it. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

I sold EPGL at $0.002 after making the above video.

Daily profit: ($99.00)

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 5th: Yawn”

  1. Honestly, I would pay the money just to have your daily recaps and the comments — I learn a lot from everybody here. I really do appriciate your time hosting this as it is, a chat would be good too. I am currently on the chat on cybertrader university. That is where I picked up UAUA (a long today) and BRCD – (could be played either way, I shorted twice – did good on it)

  2. Newbie here, but I have found your site very informative over the past week or so. Having participated in the timalerts chat I think that if you were a regular contributor to your own chat that it would certainly make it worth the money. Hopefully you would keep the rest of the site free 🙂 to benefit poor newbies like myself who are looking to limit the fixed monthly costs. I am currently subscribed to timalerts but will reevaluate monthly whether it is worth the $50 or so (and certainly would reevaluate depending on what he does with his new site and pricing). Thanks for the link earlier even if it caused you to catch some flak from TS.

    I have found the information on this site far more useful to date than the timalerts site as far as basic information and lessons, perhaps you would rollout an alert service as well 🙂

    thanks for all your time

  3. qb, if that troll comment was in reference to me, fuck you.

    you neither know me, nor do you know preston, nor do you apparently know the fact that his mother reads this blog, nor do you have a sense of humor.

  4. sorry for the profanity reaper, but my great uncle was a troll and I take great offense when that word is used in a derogatory manner….

  5. haha, thanks btb, I knew better, hence the reason I never said or for that fact thought anything.

    Truth is my mom has been at the hospital since my uncle has been diagnosed with cancer, small cell carcinoma and it’s already spread through his body, it’s not good to say the least.

  6. Thanks btb, that means a lot, Unlce Troy was the closest thing to a dad I ever had so things will be tough for all of us.
    Sometimes it helps to have an outlet like this to get your mind off of things.

  7. certainly…did you say 9.99 a month??

    as a lurker, for entertainment purposes only!….

    going on vacation…….email me after 10/15/09

    have your website in my fav`s…….have not followed daily
    but a friend of T.Sykes is close enuf for me.

    Yours Truly,

  8. Sorry to hear about your uncle, Preston.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts regarding the chat thing. I’ll be thinking about it for awhile before doing anything.

  9. @preston: sorry to hear, my best wishes.

    @btb: I apologize. I misunderstood your words this time. Where I come from to offend your mother is the worst offense and I was biased by the fact that I have seen you attacking other posters.
    I’ll ignore the rest of your words, internet fighting is not my forte.

  10. fair enough qb…i have been known to be a bit caustic with the idiots on the sites 😉

    …but Preston is a good guy and an awesome trader so was just kidding around with him

    …no worries and good luck trading

  11. Yahh everbody needs to chilly willy

    I’m just tryin to make a dolla and not get another dent in my head when the old lady throws something at me after Iose it.

  12. You thought any more about the Chat Room idea ?

    Was good when we used to discuss things properly in the Tim room back last tear. I see you still go into the Tim room but lets face it, its not like it was prior to Tam taking all the subscribers away.

    I would join your Chat Room. An easy decision, always value your comments.

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