19 thoughts on “The long-term outlook for every penny stock”

  1. YONG is tearing higher, can you find the site for DaleelaAlerts Reaper???…..

    Tim put his serious face avatar on that comment.lmao

    1. I won’t completely remove a post if I can avoid it, especially since that will delete all the comments. I have changed the actual post to remove any reference to those things you didn’t like.

      Furthermore, if someone asks me to take something down and I do it, I will mention that. Seems the transparent thing to do.

  2. thank you, i’m giving them shit right now, pathetic to leave this open and no there’s no shooting myself in my foot with too many products…i have a real strategy that brings in real money and is replicable and teachable…in the last 3 weeks, i have predicted 3 stocks that have now been halted by the SEC, people EVERYWHERE should learn this

  3. Yo YO YOO
    Hey Tim bro your not the boss of rape dogg

    What exackly are you dudes bitchin about? BTW WWE RAW tonite!!

    The Mighty mudhole sez arf arf arf

  4. Jamal, my upcoming products are a value compared to what they can save/make people…people with small accounts can still learn, but i’m running a business, not a chartiy

  5. Tim you’re very kind. I was going to call Jamal an idiot for cherry picking and ask him how much his time is worth etc. Not worth it.

  6. “Tim your very kind” — not words you hear every day!
    “Tim, thanks for making me money” — yes, THOSE you hear pretty often however!

  7. This is fucking hilarious…..Tim playing Daddy with Reaper (and anyone who speaks their mind) on Reapers website…Reminds me of Ted Kennedy “Do you know who I am?”…. Too bad you cannot buy class.

    P.S. – Hey Joe (post #17) I bet your last name is Schmoe

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