Watchlist for October 6th: Radio Ga-Ga

Investors are going ga-ga for radio stocks. ROIAK, RGCI, CMLS are all radio stocks. It pays to know industry groupings and to know how different industries trade.

ROIAK – This is the most interesting to me due to its big volume big move. Long on strength, short on weakness.


RGCI – Has a much smaller ADR.


CMLS – Again, a much smaller ADR.


MIC – Nice breakout appears imminent at $9.50 – $9.58. Has a history of runs of white candles, although its ADR is not large.


QSFT – Nice breakout. Had an upgrade and a new product notice, not sure if there will be continuation. Long on green, otherwise I’ll ignore.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for October 6th: Radio Ga-Ga”

  1. SLW is trying to break resistance this morning on an upgrade, pre-market leader.

    Ameritrade has shares of ROIAK to short this morning, I would have to hold overnight so I will be cautious about this trade.
    FONR is breakingout on now news, passing all resistance in pre-market. It’s already traded as much this morning as it traded all day yesterday, this one may be playable.

    1. Silver Wheaton Corp. operates as a silver streaming company. The company purchases silver form Luismin, Peñasquito, Campo Morado, and La Negra mines in Mexico; Zinkgruvan mine in Sweden; Yauliyacu mine in Peru; Stratoni mine in Greece; Minera

      Resource play. Not my cup o’ tea.

      FONR & ROIAK are my two best potential longs.

  2. Blah, trying to type to fast has caused some typing mistakes, I’m in serious jeopardy of losing the duck.

  3. plus of course QSFT and MIC from lat night … I’ve got four buy orders lined up, will wait until mkt opens to see price action before buying.

  4. AMTD has still not put that news up about FONR earnings, lately I have gotten out of the habit of going to Yahoo and checking for additional news. That’s my fault for missing the news on FONR this morning.

  5. After sitting in the timalerts chatroom for the morning, I saw more talk about girls than stocks. Maybe just a slow day, but if you had a chatroom that could stay (realistically) focused, it would be worth it. Only a handful of useful pieces of information, one of which was you posting about LWLG.

  6. I noticed and I understand that it is tough to keep the thoughts in the right head, especially with everyone glued to a screen, but it can make it less useful and more diversionary as Reaper put it. Certainly without some level of moderation.

    As a newbie it is just interesting to see what/where people spend there time and what is worthwhile.

  7. I see why you covered, they are working on a “High-speed, low-power optical phase conjugation using a hybrid amorphous silicon/ferroelectric-liquid-crystal device” after all.

    That shit sounds dope!!

  8. Wow…does it cure cancer too?
    I have paid for the Investors underground chat but not used it yet, I have been in the Cybertraders chat most days. Like it so far. Got a phone call from a client right at close and wound up holding 2000 shares of MNKD short overnight…hate that, may turn out good. you just never know. Short at 6.17….I have a uncanny knack to pick the top or bottom – just the wrong one!

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