Trade recap for September 24 & watchlist

Trades at IB:
+    BOT    800    YRCW    false    Stock (NMS)    5.987    USD    SMART    09:30:25        4.00
+    SLD    800    YRCW    false    Stock (NMS)    6.090    USD    SMART    09:32:28        4.00
BOT    100    AM    false    Stock    17.71    USD    SMART    09:36:37        1.00
SLD    100    AM    false    Stock    18.1002    USD    SMART    09:38:13        1.00

Daily profit: $111.08


The only stock that really interests me for tomorrow: EMGE, which was a big mover again today. I doubt there will ever be shares of it to short.


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0 thoughts on “Trade recap for September 24 & watchlist”

  1. There really is nothing that looks interesting for tomorrow, I’m sure that will change in the morning. At least I hope it does.

    1. Maybe there’s other interesting stocks, but I’m not seeing them. Maybe there will be some nice ones that show up on the pre-market scan tomorrow.

  2. It had a good move but the volume is still low making it harder to play. I don’t know if Ameritrade has shares to borrow, I might check tomorrow.

  3. BPFH failed to break through some key resistance and has had a down day making it look attractive to short.

    YRCW looks the same but it has some support at the 4.00 area making the downside not that great.

  4. Git yer ass outta bed Reaper!

    Subject: Need 3000 EMGE to short
    07:02 Ross: checking
    07:03 bohenam: thanks
    07:04 Ross: good on 3k EMGE
    07:04 bohenam: please note on my account!
    07:04 bohenam: thanks!!
    07:04 Ross: all set

  5. Did you get any shares to short? I managed to get some at speedtrader at 3.10… Riding the downhill rollarcoaster 🙂

    Sogotrade dosen’t have EMGE because they don’t list pink stocks. It comes up as nothing if you type in their ticker

    I really like that reserve option on thinkorswim though.

  6. Michael, you can laugh at that email now, I let a 300.00 gain turn into a 300.00 unrealized loss on LUNA by not taking profits. I’m still holding but only out of stupidity now, piss poor trading on my part. I let my ego get the best of me again, I’ve got to get better at that soon or it’s going to cost me a lot.
    Let the ass chewing commence. 🙂

    John, Ameritrade had them through their ToS but you cannot short OTC stocks there.

    1. Considering I completely fucked up the EMGE trade, losing $1400 total shorting it on the day it dropped 43% from its highs, I don’t think I’m in any position to chew you out.

  7. that idea of shorting and going long simultaneously in different accounts when there are shares to short and then ditching the long when the pattern finally sets up sounds interesting.

    Aside from slippage on the entries Reaper, anything I am missing? That would protect you on a forced buy-in as well…

  8. Sounds like a good strategy to me. I could’ve used it today on LUNA, it would have worked nicely when it broke the HOD and I could have added to my short as well, which I didn’t do.

  9. 9/25/2009 7:41 STOCK BUY 800 TO CLOSE HLCS STOCK 2.66 LMT EXT FILLED
    9/25/2009 8:51 STOCK SELL -200 TO OPEN LUNA STOCK 2.71 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/25/2009 8:56 STOCK SELL -500 TO OPEN LUNA STOCK 2.6 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/25/2009 9:03 STOCK SELL -300 TO OPEN LUNA STOCK 2.67 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/25/2009 14:42 STOCK BUY 1000 TO CLOSE LUNA STOCK 2.29 LMT DAY FILLED

  10. Am considering switching my brokerage account to Speed Trader. Will be trading stocks long. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? Thanks

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