Watchlist for September 24: EMGE is the next pump!

Now that the previous big pump & dump, Genova Biotherapeutics (GVBP) has been halted by the SEC, it is time for the next big pump. I present to you, ladies and gentleman, Emergent Health Corp (Pink: EMGE). The stock is up 120% in two days now on modest volume of 700,000 shares per day. Why? Because they have a magic potion that will “revolutionize the vitamin business.” This magic potion is some random chemical or chemicals that they will add to a multivitamin. What will it do? Who knows? The company’s explanation makes no sense:

The company plans to introduce an adjuvant formula that enhances existing vitamin products currently on the market to assist in the production of normal cells.

If this were a legitimate product and not snake oil, the company might point out that the Vita-Stim Adjuvant(TM) improves the body’s absorption of vitamins (something that would be quite helpful and potentially lucrative). Instead, the company had this to say:

Our Vita-Stem Adjuvant(TM) compound stands to revolutionize the whole vitamin industry, as breakthrough adult stem cell based discoveries are further studied and introduced, providing high potency, scientifically researched regenerative properties to existing vitamin brands. It is predicted that today’s vitamin products will eventually become obsolete.

Yes, my friends, this company is putting stem cells into vitamins! Either that or they just cobbled together a bunch of pseudo-scientific babble for their press release (that seems more likely to me). This is a short on weakness or a long on strength, although considering it has already had a couple up days I probably won’t try taking it long. (Check out the company’s financials [pdf]: they had $90,000 in revenues in the past 6 months yet have a $40 million market capitalization, per


ILI – They had really sketchy positive drug-type news on a small study. I would short on red, long on green. I am not sure which way it will go so I probably won’t trade it.


FTBK – Still short-biased. I did not like its choppy action today, though. I traded it today for $200. See my writeup on it from yesterday.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 24: EMGE is the next pump!”

  1. Possible breakouts; YRCW, touching resistance now and finished decent today. If it doesn’t break it could be a good short.
    CBAK, similar set up.
    SKYT has some sketchy stuff going on, I don’t know if it’s shortable.
    ROX is a breakout candidate, though it might just fade away slowly.
    AHR, similar.
    DNN has some catalyst as well.

    1. Wow I got some history with SKYT Skyterra. No interest in playing that one. YRCW already broke out big in pre-market … I like that one out of the gate. CBAK nice b/o yesterday.

      ROX looks more like a short to me, but too low of a price.

  2. IMGG’s volume has increased once again…. tell me what you guys think…
    Are you waiting for one more day to short EMGE? The volume is already fading compared to yesterday…

    1. It does have a decent looking chart and has had a lot of volume. It could run a lot higher.
      I proved yesterday that I need practice with these, because, cough, cough, I choked. 🙂

  3. Hey reaper
    you know what’s going on with Biotime (BTIM.OB)?

    it’s another overvalued stem cell play that seems to be running on no news that I can find.

    1. wow EDWY brings me back … I remember seeing this turd on my short scan two years ago. Nice history of multi-day runs. I try to avoid buying OTC stocks though.

  4. You find any shares of EMGE Reaper?

    I just found a broker in Hungarest, the language barrier was a little tough, but I’m pretty sure he said he could locate me some shares.

  5. Added 300 more HLCS, average price now 3.05.

    Covered KERX this morning for about an 80.00 gain. Not exciting but steady profits.

  6. HLCS needs to die already. I’ve been wanting to go short when a stock started breaking off its HOD. I know it’s a risky trade but it seems that only 1 out of 6 or 7 actually keep running so the risk is minimal if you cut losses quickly.

  7. 9/24/2009 8:51 STOCK SELL -300 TO OPEN HLCS STOCK 2.98 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/24/2009 8:41 STOCK SELL -500 TO OPEN HLCS STOCK 3.09 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/24/2009 8:38 STOCK BUY 400 TO CLOSE KERX STOCK 2.78 LMT DAY FILLED

  8. I have no reason to lie about my trades but I will post my trades so anyone can see them. I do not see any reason why someone would lie but I do see some people question others over their profits they sometimes post. This also shows that I tried to short CHIP this morning and it was canceled by Ameritrade, I’m guessing because they had no shares.
    The GTN trade didn’t show on that download because I would have to go back another day on my account history, that’s something I’m practicing on doing, creating the download then exporting it into Excel or a web page html for viewing.
    The KERX trade was the one I bought yesterday and closed this morning for a small profit.
    HLCS has not been closed yet, not sure if I will keep it or not overnight, I have a daytrade left but I might try to save it.

  9. 9/23/2009 7:23 STOCK SELL -1000 TO CLOSE RTK STOCK 2.14 LMT EXT FILLED
    9/22/2009 15:08 STOCK BUY 1000 TO OPEN RTK STOCK 2.02 LMT EXT FILLED

    9/22/2009 14:06 STOCK BUY 900 TO CLOSE BSDM STOCK 3.85 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/22/2009 9:33 STOCK SELL -300 TO OPEN BSDM STOCK 4.07 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/22/2009 9:31 STOCK SELL -100 TO OPEN BSDM STOCK 3.97 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/22/2009 9:18 STOCK SELL -500 TO OPEN BSDM STOCK 3.86 LMT DAY FILLED

    9/23/2009 16:03 STOCK BUY 500 TO CLOSE GTN STOCK 2.61 LMT EXT FILLED
    9/23/2009 10:56 STOCK SELL -100 TO OPEN KERX STOCK 2.92 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/23/2009 10:29 STOCK SELL -300 TO OPEN KERX STOCK 2.96 LMT DAY FILLED

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