Trade recap: A plethora of errors

Today was a horrible day. Not because my loss was huge; rather, it was acceptable. It was horrible because I messed up what should have been an easy trade. I even messed up pronouncing “plethora” in the video. Despite following EMGE closely over the last two days and seeing the exact same pattern play out a week ago in GVBP, I messed up the trade completely.

Daily profit: ($1487.99)

Weekly profit: $192.74

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap: A plethora of errors”

  1. you get penson borrows through your super secret broker?

    i completely understand, i have considered having my wife trade my system for me as well….

  2. Never heard Michael so pissed off before !!

    This was an exact replica of GVBP. But I dont think its worth the risk of hoping the stock tanks. Really not worth playing the hoping game. Better to short into the tank even though you might miss the possibility of finding shares later.

  3. Hi Reaper, which broker did you use to short EMGE?

    Thanks for putting up the vidoes. Whether it’s a bad or good trade day, it’s good for us viewers to learn as well.


  4. Chin up, reaper, u don’t become a bad trader overnight. I’m sure ull be back next week demolishing stocks and the good times will keep rollin for u. 😉

  5. Fuck it, I’m tired of the platform and the questions and the high commissions. I’m getting rid of my ‘undisclosed’ broker and SogoElite. I’ll put $30k back in my TOS account and open up an account at Genesis Securities.

  6. Not a good day for more than one of us. More reasons to force self-discipline and improve trading technique.
    You are doing a great job, I wish I’d be near your results 🙂

    1. Come play with me;
      Why should you run
      Through the shaking tree
      As though I’d a gun
      To strike you dead?
      When all I would do
      Is to scratch your head
      And let you go.

  7. Hmm, I’m gonna score me a hat like Ty Webb’s in your avatar, my lame pic has almost the same expression just missing the hat and a little lean to the right.

  8. I suppose what happened here is a classic argument for why one shouldn’t trade with “scared money”

    bummer man sorry this happened to you.

    mad respect for using the word plethora, Reminds me of the “Three Amigos”

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