Trade recap: Two solid trades in 3 minutes 19 seconds

My 30% gain in 92 seconds today on Interleukin Genetics, Inc (AMEX:ILI) highlights why you should read the comments on this blog. At 8:05 EST Preston wrote in a comment on last night’s watch list, “ILI pre-market leader on news this morning. Has some resistance way back on a 1 year chart that has been passed in pre-market. This could run higher.” I responded at 9:24 EST, 6 minutes before the market opened, saying “I like ILI … only 45m mkt cap still. That was not a huge study though so I wouldn’t get too attached to it.” I bought ILI 36 seconds after the market open and sold 92 seconds later for a $486, 30% gain.

Video recap. Note that the feature that shows my trades on the chart in IB TWS can be enabled by going to Configure > Global Configuration > Information Tools > Charts and then checking the box next to “my trades” under the heading “highlight on chart.” Please also note that my description of ILI’s news is incorrect: they had a diet program based on genetic tests; the news I was describing was for BSDM which was a big gainer yesterday.

Trades today:
+    SLD    10,000    FTBK    false    Stock (NMS)    1.450    USD    SMART    09:30:19        50.00
BOT    1,000    ILI    false    Stock    1.6000    USD    ISLAND    09:30:36        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    ILI    false    Stock    2.094    USD    AMEX    09:32:08        5.00
+    BOT    10,000    FTBK    false    Stock (NMS)    1.420    USD    SMART    09:33:19        50.00

Daily profit: $684.00

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap: Two solid trades in 3 minutes 19 seconds”

  1. + 84.00 on GTN, closed in afterhours. That was a 6% profit, not bad but boring. Holding KERX overnight, small position.

    I really suck for missing that trade this morning, there is no excuse.

    1. Those drug news ones move so quick that you’ll miss it if you aren’t prepared premarket with a market order ready. I was prepared. Don’t beat yourself up though.

  2. Looking forward to being back soon….currently taking a online course from CyberTradingUniversity. I have learned a ton so far, put a halt on most of my trading until I finish this up as class starts every morning at opening bell.

    Good luck on the week!

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