Trade recap for September 15th

It appears that it is still not too late to sign up for Tim Sykes’ Las Vegas pennystocking seminar on October 18th and 19th. I will be in Las Vegas from Saturday October 17th until Tuesday October 20th and I will be staying at the Excalibur (yay for cheap rooms on the strip!). The seminar is truly a great deal as I explained in my earlier post on 8 reasons why you should go. For an investment of only $847 you get to attend a seminar that lasts for two full days (if you cannot attend, Tim offers the option of seeing a live webcast of the event), you get to meet such great pennystockers as myself and InvestorsLive of the penny stock chatroom (not to mention Tim Sykes), you receive DVD recordings of the entire seminar, you receive one of Tim Sykes’ DVD packages of your choice, and you get to attend the wild and raucous pennystocking party Tim will hold at the end of the seminar day (at which I have foolishly pledged to buy a round of drinks for everyone and Tim Sykes will be goaded into doing likewise). So don’t be a party pooper and sign up for the Vegas seminar today!

Today I suffered more pain on GVBP as the pump continues. I cut my losses as it hit new highs late in the day (at $0.63); this was definitely the right choice as it quickly thereafter squeezed to $0.81. I had a nice little trade on RAME that was a nice breakout above $1.12; I wouldn’t have even noticed that had Investorslive not mentioned it in the stock chat. I also shorted CNWI and will hold that for a few days or until it dumps … it is another pure pump & dump like GVBP but its upward momentum is already gone.

Daily profit: ($3,893.60)

Despite today’s loss I am currently in a week-long drawdown (in other words, I am back to the profit level I had a week ago).

Disclosure: Short 10,000 shares of CNWI. I have a disclosure policy.

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  1. i went long, and for that same reason you spoke of about it being halting, I only bought 1000 shares as I expect it to be halted anyday as well and if it does i don’t want to be in it. I am already up 150 bucks but i will sell on the morning gap up. I expect this thing to drop like a rock but i dunno when that will happen. I know sogo and IB had some shares this morning, but you got to call them to get them as they disappeare fast.

  2. Yeah…I’m nervously holding overnight on this one as well….Out for a profit, then back in to catch some of the days end runup. Really want a gap up then out in the morning. If scottrade would have had faster execution I would not be in this over night as heavy as I am….but maybe it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise!

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