Watchlist for September 16th

From my watchlist last night:

GVBP – I called it right … it went up, but more than I anticipated or could handle.

ZOOM – This was a nice short on red right out of the gate today. I was busy with other stocks at the open so I missed it.

For tomorrow:

SCII – weird merger news, sketchy and up way big in four days, from .04 to .37. Short on green/red, higher risk.

DIET – 140% price spike in three days on news of a $600,000 PIPE? Short on green/red.

GETG – recycled pump & dumper, up 126% in one day, but still very low priced. Short on green/red, higher risk.

FNET – Preston nailed this shorting as it faded off of highs today. Still up 96% on the day on no news. Short aggressively on green/red.

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 16th”

  1. CLFD is another one that is up on no news that I can see, though the downside is not as much. It has a choppy chart as well but looks like it will settle back down where it came from.

    LXRX looks good but it had some news that I don’t think was that great. It doesn’t have a ton of downside either.

    DIET looks good.

    All of these stocks are listed on the NASDAQ so Ameritrade might have shares available. You can’t short OTC stocks with them.

  2. Is it possible with IB or TOS to reserve shares without setting a price? I don’t always know where I want to enter the trade, but know that I would like to have the shares available to short during the day…thanks!!

    1. IB does not allow reserving shares. With TOS tell the TOS person you are chatting with to make a notation in your account. Or–and this is easier–just set a short order way above the market price after getting a borrow on a hard-to-borrow stock.

  3. Heh, I got my deviate septum fixed (have never been able to breathe out of one side of my nose) which gives me a few days off from work to watch and see how things play out.

    1. Great job! When did you short? I only ask cause there was a 10/60 SMA cross just before 2.63, didn’t know if you followed that or if its just a coincidence.

  4. I shorted yesterday after close, 2 orders again, 1 for 200 shares and 1 for 800 shares.
    I wasn’t using that SMA, barely know what that is.
    Just going off of the fading price action, and trying to save a day trade, worked out this time.

    Michael won’t be happy though because I held overnight, but I did have a trade to dump if I had to.

    KERX, might be a good one to hold again, will see what happens at the EOD.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. 9/15/09 11:06:10 STOCK SELL -200 TO OPEN FNET STOCK 3.42 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 11:17:00 STOCK SELL -500 TO OPEN FNET STOCK 3.18 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 11:43:06 STOCK BUY +700 TO CLOSE FNET STOCK 3.01 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 12:08:43 STOCK SELL -700 TO OPEN FNET STOCK 2.86 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 12:17:52 STOCK SELL -200 TO OPEN FNET STOCK 3.11 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 12:37:57 STOCK SELL -200 TO OPEN FNET STOCK 3.30 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 14:57:22 STOCK BUY +1,100 TO CLOSE FNET STOCK 2.54 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/15/09 15:26:16 STOCK SELL -200 TO OPEN LXRX STOCK 2.62 LMT EXT FILLED
    9/15/09 15:28:36 STOCK SELL -800 TO OPEN LXRX STOCK 2.62 LMT DAY CANCELED
    9/15/09 15:34:19 STOCK SELL -800 TO OPEN LXRX STOCK 2.64 LMT EXT FILLED
    9/16/09 10:14:58 STOCK BUY +1,000 TO CLOSE LXRX STOCK 2.37 LMT DAY FILLED
    9/16/09 10:20:18 STOCK SELL -100 TO OPEN ATCO STOCK 2.27 LMT DAY CANCELED
    9/16/09 10:59:30 STOCK SELL -1,000 TO OPEN KERX STOCK 2.63 LMT DAY WORKING

    This is my trades, the one for KERX has been canceled, I was seeing if they had shares to short so I put in a order way above the bid price.
    One missing from here is OPXA, -150 for the day. I won’t go into detail on that one.

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