Save time when searching for stock information

You can save time when searching for stock information by installing the following search engines into your browser’s search toolbar. These will work with Firefox and Internet Explorer and maybe other browsers. – I added this search engine plugin. Great for quickly looking up information on OTC and pink sheets pump & dumps.

EDGAR Companies – These two search engines allow for searching the SEC’s EDGAR database of public company filings by company name or ticker.

Yahoo! Finance – This allows quickly searching by ticker on the most popular stock quote website.

Google Finance – As above, but with Google Finance; also works with company names.

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  1. GVBP has run up 2500% theres no way thats gonna last. Not even ZOOM could handle 300% on an earnings release. Tomorrow is the ultimate day to short. this last day was a major move upwards, just went straight up. People are gonna split tomorrow feeling lucky they made it with profits.

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