How I messed up an easy trade of Opexa Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:OPXA)

In medicine they talk of “never events” or things that should never happen, such as leaving a surgical instrument inside a patient. Failing to buy OPXA on strong drug news today as it broke above its recent high of $2.85 was a “never event” for me … I messed up a trade with an almost perfect setup. It should have been an easy $1 per share trade from $2.88 to $3.88 or so. Learn from this so you don’t mess this up in the future.


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Daily profit: ($331.00)

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “How I messed up an easy trade of Opexa Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:OPXA)”

  1. Other then IB is there a way to find pre-market leaders?

    Also. I think you played it safe as did I. Kept losses to a minimum, mine were 3.5% Not bad considering the stock was in play and did have upward momentum. Those dips just screwed us …

    We had a right to be scared though… its rare to see a stock explode like this.

    Hope we catch some of the many more to come.

    1. John — the point is that from the correct entry point, $2.88 (the break of $2.85) there were no big dips. Even from my entry point I was never more than 5 cents in the red. It pays to trade scared but not so scared you cannot take reasonable risks.

  2. Do you normally back off a trade once it hits that 5% loss rate, cutting losses quick. Cause .05 cents in red is not near that loss rate.

    More important, did you know about this stock before 9:30 today, or was it something that popped out after the morning opened? I’d love to have a few minutes to scan stocks that are opening up with high pre-market gains.

    1. John — it depends. I usually like a 3% stop initially but I tend to have my stop a little too tight. OPXA never hit my stop … I just wussed out, thinking it was up too much on the day already.

      OPXA crossed IB’s premarket list way right after they announced the news, I think before 9am EST. I don’t know of any other broker that allows for scanning for biggest gainers in pre-market. I’m sure some have that feature.

  3. The NASDAQ website has a listing of most active stocks in AH/PM, the quotes are 15 minutes delayed but you can at least see who’s on the move, and track them through another method.

  4. I am really laughing but at least throw a lucky man a bone. I did make a measley 100 on a stock that moved 300%, lol, is that not something, still laughing.

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