Watchlist for September 9th

OPXA — long on red/green. Had good news, should continue.


AEN — nice on break of $1.10 today. Short tomorrow on green/red because it is way overextended.


ENER — long on red/green for follow-through momentum.


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  1. Isn’t ENER up on the AMAT buyout rumor?

    I’d be very very surprised if AMAT actually buys ENER that would make little sense to me or apparently this Barron’s blogger.

    But I suppose stranger deals have happened.

    My guess would be that it has better green/red potential. But I don’t do this everyday like you.

    BTW have you looked at CRME? not much price action yet but insiders just bought 27 million in stock BEFORE getting FDA approval for their only drug in development. Very odd and very interesting.

  2. AKRX, potential pre-market leader, had good volume.
    INHX showing strength with volume and no news I could see, Pump no doubt.
    AEN, same as the teacher.
    CPRX, Dont’ really know.
    On a different note I landed my first job in Texas which was big for my company and for me.

  3. on pre gainers:

    ENCO – no resistance till 1.30
    HYTM – Lebed pump
    VVU – will open at 52 week highs
    HITK – gap to 52s
    VIRC – watch for 3.75 break
    TITN – gap above 13.50 resistance

  4. Here’s to following my plan! +$340 on shorting 2k AEN from 1.195 to 1.015 … I tried to get 10k shares but IB didn’t have that many. 🙁

    I also took ENCO long for 1 minute on the 1 cross +83

  5. Kool, looking back I could have bumped my limit order up a few pennies but profit is profit, and way better than a loss.
    None of my other stocks did nothing as usual and I’m out of day trades again. Not bad for me yesterday and today though, kinda builds up my confidence a little.
    I was out late last night so I did not get to look much this morning, without your watchlist I would have been left high and dry.

  6. OPXA has a good looking fade going on, couple that with the misleading news and it might be a good short.
    DEAR was a stock I found in one my stock fetcher scans, the volume has been weak but today it’s picking up. The scan I had was my version of a breakout scan, it really was not that good but I put the stocks I found on a watchlist and this is one that has kinda broke out.

    1. yeah OPXA .. beatuiful price action, would scream short once it broke below 4.50, but the thing is already down 20% today so I don’t know how much more downside there is today. Shorting when it breaks that and holding overnight for a likely gap down / morning panic seems like a good idea.

      ENCO beautiful from my tweet at .90 … too bad I didn’t short that. Now all the shares are gone.

  7. You are reading my mind since I have no day trades left I was looking for a set up like that. I no you will tell me to not set myself up for that and I probably won’t but it doesn’t hurt to look. It does look great though, lower lows and lower highs and fixing to break 4.50 as I type this.

  8. I’ve got a really loose mental stop on OPXA … I really want to ride this down for 20% or so so I won’t sweat the small stuff. Now short 4k shares at 4.45

  9. Yeah, just tried with Ameritrade and all of their shares are gone, I even called them, they said in the morning they will have more.
    Oh well, that is a good set up, it even failed to cross 4.55 making another lower high and is fixing to take out the 4.43 which will be a lower low.
    lol, just got a alert from TIm, shorted 3000@ 4.43.

    1. Thx for your earlier alert Preston, otherwise I might have missed it breaking 4.50. My entry was not ideal but I averaged up a bit. I now have my full Sogo account in this one trade! Of course that is not a big deal when I have much larger accounts.

  10. DPTR is really running on the news they had, but it’s not that great of news. It’s only a right to drill the wells, no promise any oil or gas is there.
    It’s a oil play.

  11. Your welcome and it’s no problem of course. I was hoping you averaged up when it spiked back, you could tell that was a classic fakeout.

  12. Damn that was a good trade, I hate they didn’t have shares for me to short. I hope you don’t retire after this trade, I still have a lot of learning to do. 🙂

  13. Glad you made out on ENCO.
    Did you guys order shares before the opening bell and wait for them to be filled? And did you use a Limit order, or Market order?

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