Watchlist for September 8th

EXXI – long on red/green or $1.50 cross, up big Friday on earnings release, could keep running


GTN – long on breaking $1.14, can run, sector is still hot


JAZZ – could be a flipper. Big technical break Friday but ran big already. Short on weakness, buy on strength.


BONU – promoted crap. Short on green/red. Shares likely unavailable everywhere.


NVTL – could be decent on red/green or break of $11.37, not a great history of running though. Tends to gap instead.


IVAN – buy on break of $1.85 or red/green


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

36 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 8th”

  1. GTN was the first stock I had on tomorrows watchlist.
    ANDS on the break of 2.75-80 area may look good.
    Still watching AEN, TONE, and KOG for similar breakout patterns.
    One short candidate, BLDR, if it breaks 4.25 and continues lower could take out 4 and be a good short.
    MDOR if it breaks 1.25 could run.

    Michael I apologize for my last comment on the other blog about me pointing out mistakes in your blog, for some reason it seems that comment sounds kinda pompous of me and it was not meant to be.

    1. The last comment didn’t sound bad at all. I am a perfectionist and I do like it when people point out mistakes (except for the people that write “Dude you wrote sense instead of since! You’re such a #*$#$ idiot! I don’t know why people listen to you.”

      BLDR I personally don’t like shorting stocks on multiday weakness.
      TONE only 1 recent day >200k shares, too little volume for me (but otherwise, a nice breakout over $2.98 on Friday)
      KOG I’m not a fan of resource plays … they move to much based on fundamentals of what they dig/drill and not on technicals
      ANDS I don’t like how it had a black candle with a peak of 3.06 in early August

      I don’t like most of mine either … GTN looks potentially nice though, as does EXXI unless it gaps up much.

  2. lol, ok thanks.
    Yeah I know what you mean, believe it or not I spent hours looking at charts and stocks, I have way to many watchlist built to manage and do not have conclusive evidence on any one stock for a play.
    Oh well, tomorrow will bring something for sure, still holding MERK from Tim Alerts play, may add if it shows early morning strength, if not I will dump hopefully for a little profit.

  3. EXXI seems promising, but do you guys generally wait a few minutes after market opening before trading? I’m still trying to figure out good times to get in

  4. I will trade anytime the action looks right, sometimes to me right at the open is the time to get in and get out, but that’s just me.

  5. BGMO still on short watch.

    I generally don’t do well buying stocks in the first few minutes unless they are crossing an important mark (round # or breakout level) or have huge drug news).

  6. erggh, I was too slow on GTN, got filled on only 200 and quickly sold that, while I went whole hog into EXXI on red/green. -352 net on the pair. EXXI doesn’t bother me, but missing GTN does.

  7. Yep, I didn’t stick to my plan with GTN because I was worrying with MERC hold over from Friday and missed a good play on GTN which was the top stock in my watchlist as well as yours.

  8. Jamal — I’m not a quick trader, so I don’t flip things. I just go with what I think is the highest probability setup and then stay out if it acts differently.

  9. Well I didn’t completly miss it, 1000 shares at 5.43 out @ 5.53 for +100 profit. That was a very risky (stupid) trade, after I got in it fell down hard and I entered a sell order for my shares, it came back up and took me out, hehe I need some of that soothing music after that. And maybe a valium as well.

    1. ha! looks like we would have done well if we’d combined forces … I bought at 3.06 and sold shortly thereafter for $0 because I thought it was already up too much on the day to go up much more. Hahahaha!

  10. haha, that is pretty funny. I sat in my chair and watched it cross 4, saying damn I should buy. I said ok if it crosses 5 I will buy, hesitated there and watched it go higher to over 5.5. After I bought I went down 300 in a matter of seconds, I started to throw my computer across the room. What a day, I’m up 157 by the hair of my you know what….
    Damn now it’s over 6, unbelievable.

    1. OPXA one where I would’ve been helped by looking at the news. Those phase 2 results are great! Even at $7 this is an under $100m market cap company. I bet a big pharma would spend $100m+ based on those results. That being said, I sure wouldn’t buy here.

  11. Michael, you think that might be a decent short, maybe up on Pharma news today in general, I can’t find nothing else on it.

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