0 thoughts on “Trade recap for September 4th”

  1. Does anyone have a good Stockfetcher code for identifying stocks right near big technical breakouts?

    I imagine it would look for stocks that are just below intraday highs from the last week, month, 3-months, or year.

  2. It’s nice to know I was thinking the same thing, really should have caught that on JAZZ. I’ve been spending the whole weekend looking at charts and setting alerts, and was wondering if you could scan for them because I do not know anything about that yet.

    1. thx for the suggestions; I’ve tried looking in the SF forums but haven’t yet found anything like I really want. Most of the scans I’ve found are way too complicated for my taste. I don’t care about bollinger bands or Dojis or MACD or EMA. I want simple breakouts. When I do find something like that I would love to combine it with the ADR scan to find stocks with high ADRs near a technical breakout.

  3. SPPI was halted before the FDA news; when it reopened I saw it cross 9 and hit 10 in a matter of seconds. I wasn’t looking to buy it, but a trader I work with did put in a market order and a sell order .50 above whatever he got for the market order (he got 9.20) and completed both trades in 12 seconds; very nice!

    1. SPPI was halted? I didn’t see that at all. I guess Interactive Brokers messed that up … the halt didn’t show up on their chart at all (normally it would) and the news was marked as coming before the spike. Looking at Friday’s chart on Yahoo! Finance I see the halt. Oh well, it is still weird that it would spike and then crash like that and I didn’t suffer a large loss.

  4. Michael, I just found the blog where you created the scan for Supernovae and realized it’s not tagged with a particular heading. (Aug. 5th is where it’s at.) I’m not sure if you wan’t to fix this or if you meant to do that, I looked under the supernova heading expecting to find it and it wasn’t there.
    If in fact you meant to do this never mind my comment.
    I joined stockfetcher and I’m trying to learn how to build scans.

    1. Thanks for finding that Preston! I’ll post some of my other Stockfetcher scans over the next few weeks. As you can tell, I am not that experienced at doing scans there.

  5. Thanks, I know you are a perfectionist and I do not go around trying to find mistakes you have made so anything I might point out is in the most humblest of ways. Truth is I really use your website to the fullest extent.
    Stockfetcher looks very powerful for someone that can manipulate it to their needs, as with any formula based program it takes a creative mind and a lot of trial and error to use it.

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