Top 8 reasons why you should attend Tim Sykes' 2-day seminar in Las Vegas on October 18th & 19th

1. Tim Sykes is the top-ranked trader on Covestor and he has been in the top spot for over a year.

2. The seminar is only $847 for two full days ($497 for one day). For getting access to Tim Sykes for two full days this is a very good price. For the price of the 2-day seminar you will also receive a complimentary copy of any of Tim’s DVDs (I recommend Pennystocking Part Deux, a $497 value). So in essence you are receiving two full days of small-group instruction for only $350. That means that you are essentially paying only $22 per hour of Tim Sykes time. Now that is a good price.

3. Attendees will receive a set of DVDs of footage of the entire conference (this only applies to those who who pay for both days of the seminar).

4. If you cannot attend, you can still see a live webcast of the conference! If you choose this option (only available for the full two-day seminar) you will receive all the goodies I mentioned above (free DVD set of your choice and DVDs of the entire conference). More info on the live webcast here.

5. He feeds you! As you can see in the photo below of me and Tim Sykes, there are plenty of tasty pastries and fruits for breakfast and the gourmet boxed lunches were also quite good.


6. The seminar is in Las Vegas! What can I say! It will be great to party it down with other pennystockers.

7. I attended last year’s one day conference and even though I had already purchased Tim Sykes’ DVD Pennystocking and I had been a TimAlerts subscriber for five months (having made over $40,000 in profits using Tim’s system during that time!) I still learned from the seminar. (Others who were less experienced learned even more.) Perhaps the most useful aspect for me was seeing Tim Sykes trade a stock during the seminar and seeing how he examined the trade, watched it, and decided to exit the trade. I also liked having the ability to ask him questions about how he thought of a stock’s price action as we were watching that stock during the trading day. I am sure this year’s conference will be even better because it will be twice as long and attendees will get to see how Tim does his research Sunday to find stocks to watch and see how he watches (and potentially trades) them the next day.

8. If six or more people sign up for Tim’s seminar using my affiliate link before September 11th, I will come to the seminar too and buy a round of drinks for everybody after the seminar is over [edit 9/11/2009 — I am definitely going now!].

Disclosure: I am an affilliate of Tim Sykes as well as a customer (although I did not become an affiliate of Sykes until after I had gained over $20,000 in trading profits using his system), having purchased multiple of his DVDs (I recommend Pennystocking Part Deux; it is by far the best) and being a Lifetime TimAlerts member. I own Pennystocking, Pennystocking 2, and TimRaw. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Top 8 reasons why you should attend Tim Sykes' 2-day seminar in Las Vegas on October 18th & 19th”

  1. Good luck, it really is a good bargain. A free DVD and chat with you to boot, that’s plain math to me.
    I look forward to next week, finally I get to ask questions without typing) about how to look for stuff, how to set up, what not to do and how to make money consistently without losing.
    I’m really excited, I’ve come a long way since I got interested in stocks, reading a ton of books, asking tons of stupid questions. It will be very nice to talk nothing but stocks with someone, where I live at people only want to talk hunting and fishing.
    Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody.

  2. I have to admit I’m surprised by how many women appear to have been there.

    It does look like fun, alas I have other commitments I think that will preclude me for the attending in any form.

    hah I gave to wonder if it will eventually grow big enough to start a “penny stock con”

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