OTC Markets’ Caveat Emptor designation keeps killing pumps

I will eschew the background info in this post — if you need to get up to date, read my previous posts on OTC Markets Caveat Emptor designation and how it has affected promoted stocks:

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The most recent batch of promoted stocks to get the Caveat Emptor designation includes ESYL and PXPP on 10/7:

ESYL (Easylink Solutions Corp) was an uncompensated promotion by numerous promoters including MJ Capital (MomentumOTC.com), James Connelly (PennyStockProphet.com), Stock News Wire LLC (SmallCapFirm.com / FierceInvestor.com / StockWireNews.net), and likely others that I did not see.

PXPP (Phoenix Apps inc) was a promotion by a group connected to the defunct AwesomePennyStocks, referrred to as the “Tier 1” group by OTC Market Research. As you can tell from the chart below, the stock has continued to climb after being designated Caveat Emptor. They are the only promoters in the last year whose pumps have not all dropped following Caveat Emptor designation. They have been advertising aggressively recently; this promotion was via an older website, not the ones they are currently advertising.

Two other relatively recent stocks to be gifted the Caveat Emptor designation were HPMM (Hemp Naturals Inc) and SMPP (Strategic Management & Opportunity Corp).

HPMM closed at $0.20 just prior to it being designated Caveat Emptor on 8/26. The next day it closed at $0.13125.

SMPP gapped down from $0.712 to $0.53 and then closed at $0.25 on 8/7 the day after it was designated Caveat Emptor:

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