NuGene International $NUGN Mailer pump

I must admit that I have not been following pumps as closely as I used to because so few of them have enough volume to be interesting to me. So I only noticed that NuGene International (NUGN) was being pumped by a 28-page glossy hard mailer when I saw this tweet about it. I checked Twitter and sure enough numerous people reported receiving the mailer promoting the stock over the last two weeks. Below is a shot of the cover of the mailer:


Disclosed budget: $2,287,000 (likely exaggerated)
Promoter:  MicroCap MarketPlace / Casson Media Group Inc
Paying party:  Result Corporation
Shares outstanding: 39,584,673
Previous closing price: $3.24
Market capitalization: $128 million

[Update 6/26/2015: I received a NUGN mailer myself and just scanned it and uploaded it in two parts:

NUGN mailer part 1 (PDF)
NUGN mailer part 2 (PDF)

[I have censored all the images of Kathy Ireland in the above-scanned mailer after receiving a DMCA takedown notice of those images from one of Kathy’s minions].

Excerpt from disclaimer:

Casson Media Group, Inc. (CMG), an affiliated company of MicroCap MarketPlace has received nine thousand dollars in cash compensation from Result Corporation, a third party shareholder of NUGN to assist in the writing of this Advertisement, and anticipates receiving potential future subscription and advertising revenues, the amount of which is not known and cannot be predicted at this time. Result Corporation, besides compensating CMG, paid two million two hundred and eighthy thousand dollars to marketing vendors to cover all the costs of creating and distributing theis Advertisement, including printing and postage, in an effort to build investor and market awareness.


Full disclaimer:


Disclaimer: I have no position in NUGN as I write this although I have traded it today and intend to trade it in the near future. I have no relationship with any parties mentioned above. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

7 thoughts on “NuGene International $NUGN Mailer pump”

  1. Stunning pump and dump. The 28-page glossy contains such feats as predicting the stock price in the future – with graphs. The company has not disavowed any connection to this publication! All this is based on adipose derived human stem cells (recycled fat from somebody else’s liposuction) – which many recent publications in peer-reviewed medical journals have cautioned are closely linked to cancer of the breast, ovary, and pancreas. The dump is imminent!

  2. Notice that the pump was paid for by “Result Corporation.” According to a FINRA complaint about market manipulation of NUGN, one of the major sellers of the stock was “Customer A”, which was a Nevada corporation created on 1/29/2015 and run by individual “RM”.

    Following is the quote from the complaint:
    “Customer A was a Nevada corporation established on January 29, 2015, whose business
    concerned “Advertising and Marketing Service.” An individual, RM, was the CEO, President,
    Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for Customer A, and was the point of contact for Abadin
    for all of Customer A’s securities-related activity.
    48. On February 12, 2015, Customer A deposited 2,899,878 shares of NUGN into its
    Glendale account. Customer A stated that the purpose for its deposit of NUGN securities was
    “resale.” Despite that Customer A’s shares were subject to the Lock-Up Agreement, Customer
    A’s deposit questionnaire for its NUGN shares stated that all 2.9 million shares were freely
    tradeable. In addition, while the Firm prohibited any single customer from depositing shares in
    an amount exceeding 20% of the securities’ public float, Customer A’s deposit represented 26%
    of NUGN’s public float when the Firm accepted its deposit.
    49. After depositing its NUGN shares at the Firm, Customer A created and
    disseminated through the US mails an “advertisement/market awareness campaign” in the form15
    of a 28-page color brochure published by MicroCap MarketPlace, which promoted NuGene and
    encouraged investors to purchase shares of NUGN stock. ”

    In my opinion, “Customer A” is Result Corporation and the person who ran it, “RM”, is Robert J. Martins. See screenshot of Nevada corporation search website:

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