SEC Suspended trading in pump and dump Spriza $SPRZ on March 4th

On March 4th the SEC suspended trading in another landing page pump, Spriza (SPRZ). One key insider of Spriza was also involved in Telupay (TLPY) which likely explains why abandoned that pump after only a week.

SEC Suspension notice (PDF)
SEC Suspension order (PDF)

The SEC was quite specific in explaining why it suspended trading in SPRZ:

The Commission temporarily suspended trading in Spriza, Inc. because of questions regarding the accuracy of assertions by Spriza, Inc., including assertions regarding business relationships in a company press release dated February 6, 2015, a Form 8-K and in a video created by the company.

The Commission acknowledges the assistance of FINRA and the Alberta Securities Commission’s assistance in this matter.

You can read the February 6th press release. The name dropping in the press release certainly didn’t help the company:

“We’re like the Google search engine of contests,” said Spriza’s CEO, Rob Danard, adding the Company which launched in May, 2014 has consolidated contests into one central portal. “How we distribute contests is very similar to how Pinterest or Flipboard displays their content.


Information on the pump is below:

I first received an email promoting SPRZ on February 9, 2015 from and linking to the online promotion page

Disclosed budget: $175,000
Promoter: / Financial Times Publishing Corp, Ltd
Paying party:  ?
Shares outstanding: 67,618,934
Previous closing price (day prior to trading suspension): $1.19
Market capitalization: $80 million


SPRZ 2015-3-20 sprz_chart

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PDF copy of promotion page

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