Windstream Technologies $WSTI gets a Wall Street Revelator pump

Starting last Friday people on Twitter started reporting receiving hard mailers promoting Windstream Technologies (WSTI). So far there has been no email or online promotion of the stock that I am aware of. I posted on Twitter a few times about the promotion; Tim Sykes blogged about it earlier today. Considering the high stock price and large market cap and relatively high volume I think it very likely that this pump will dump big within the next week.

Disclosed budget: $900,000
Promoter:  Mandarin Media / Wall Street Revelator / Andrew Carpenter
Paying party: ???
Shares outstanding: 84,972,578
Previous closing price: $1.45
Market capitalization: $123 million







Excerpt from disclaimer:

Mandarin Media Limited paid nine hundred thousand dollars to marketing vendors to pay for all the costs of creating and distributing this Advertisement, including printing and postage, in an effort to build investor and market awareness.

Mandarin Media Limited was paid by non-affiliate shareholders who fully intend to sell their shares without notice

Full disclaimer:

wsti_disclaimer wsti-2-copy-576x1024

Disclaimer: I have no position in any stock mentioned. I have no relationship with any parties mentioned above. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

16 thoughts on “Windstream Technologies $WSTI gets a Wall Street Revelator pump”

  1. Hi Michael,

    How important do you think a good knowledge of technical analysis is when shorting these pumps?

  2. I bot in at $1.60. . about $2000.00. . so, you think it’s a scam? Shameful. They say they have all these distribution agreements overseas. Why isn’t the SEC on this if it’s a fraud?

    1. It takes the SEC time to investigate and plenty of times they never obtain enough evidence to prove fraud. In cases where the SEC suspends trading in a stock it usually takes them a few weeks after the pump starts. WSTI looks like it could go parabolic today — but I do think that it will have a big drop within a couple days if not later today.

      Don’t just read the press releases. All penny stocks can put out nice-sounding PRs. Look at the company’s SEC filings — here is the most recent 10-Q:

      While WSTI does look like a ‘real’ company and not just a shell (unlike some pumps like VOIL), they have large losses, negative book value, and an obscenely large market cap.

  3. I have had trouble finding borrows for stocks like WSTI. I use Interactive Brokers and put in sell orders above the price and I get this message that they will need to “locate” shares. For OTC, they are rarely located for me. What is the trick for you to find/get your borrows?

    1. Simply put, IB has not had borrows on big pumps recently. They had only a few thousand shares of WSTI ever and those were taken by StockRealist early in premarket one day. VOIL I was only able to short 1600 shares at IB and I don’t know anyone else who was able to short it at IB.

  4. I intend shortly to enroll in the Millionaire challenge. Have been watching Tim for 5 yrs now. I was looking at an email from FDM(five dollar movers) for Basta holdings Helicopter leasing Co in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. (what I consider a home for P&D’s. They had a good financial report from Murphy Analytics (viewed him on utube) and he got 3grand from Tower Securities in the phillipines for it. Murphy seems to take money to give a good analysis based solely on company info. and forward looking stmts. P&D?. And a good report from our good friends at “The Wall Street Revelator” another pumper? looks like it. And that linked me to you and to Tim. And this is how I found your website and u are now in my favorite bookmarks. I look forward to working with you and Tim and Tyler soon. Oh, what do you think about Basta? email addr

  5. BTW did you get in on the Windstream P&D? A 65cent stock that pumped to 2.07 june 26th and crashed to .19 now?

  6. I would never have touched this stock if I had not seen the technology (which I had no idea what it was prior to the literature arriving in the mail, just saw it on a blast berm at my NG base here in Indiana). I’ve been burned on a P&D before (small change). In hindsight, I would’ve waited until it was down in the .10 range (last few months) and bought a few thousand shares and watched it rise realistically. Own about 600 shares, and still upside down about 50% (about $150, again, chump change).

  7. I bought wsti stock solely on your advise. Why is the stock presently worth one penny, when on paper the stock looks a fantastic buy???????. I own based on your article a large no of shares. Please kindly reply..

    1. You must not be very intelligent. This post is over a year old and the pump is long over and one of the first things I say is “Considering the high stock price and large market cap and relatively high volume I think it very likely that this pump will dump big within the next week.”

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