Update on USA v. Cusimano & Boye

Financial affidavits were filed by the Eric and Jessica Cusimano yesterday in the stock fraud / money laundering trial of Eric Cusimano, Jamie Boye, and Jessica Cusimano (charged only with money laundering).

June 16th affidavits (PDF)

Docket report (PDF)

Cusimano (on page 33) declared $250,000 in monthly income from Premier Consulting Inc (Panama) which is the company he has used to promote stocks. He declared $10,000 per month in rent expense (in Panama) and $2,000 per month in food expenses and $1 million in bank accounts. Both Eric and Jessica declared that they owned no real estate or stocks.

Jamie Boye is scheduled to appear on June 24th. Oddly he is not listed in the bureau of prisons database despite the indictment mentioning that he was already in custody on an unrelated manner.

NOTICE OF HEARING as to Jamie Boye: Initial Appearance set for 6/24/2014 at
11:30 AM before the Hon. H. Kenneth Schroeder Jr. (LMG) (Entered: 06/16/2014)

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Here are a couple local news stories on the arrests:
Lakewood trio charged in securities fraud scheme
Feds say ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ scheme operated in Lakewood


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