SEC Wins judgment against Jerry Williams of Monk’s Den in stock scalping suit

I previously wrote about how the SEC sued Jerry S. Williams aka Monk from Monk’s Den on InvestorsHub. I also wrote about how even if Jerry Williams hadn’t been scalping his followers (selling when he said he was buying) his ‘float lock-down’ schemes were illegal.

Well, the SEC won a judgment (filed February 12th) against Williams to the tune of $2,357,208 in disgorgement of illicit profits, $188,766 in interest, and $2,357,208 in civil penalties. It is nice to see the good guys win once in awhile and with a judgment of twice his illicit profits.

SEC press release

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that on February 12, 2014, a Connecticut federal court entered judgments against a former Connecticut-based stock promoter, Jerry S. Williams, and two companies that he controlled, Monk’s Den, LLC and First In Awareness, LLC, who are defendants in a Commission enforcement action filed in 2012 alleging that they operated a fraudulent Internet-based stock touting and scalping scheme. The judgments order the defendants to pay a total of over $9.6 million.

Judgment against Jerry Williams (pdf)

Credit goes to Scion for finding and posting the judgment first.

SEC v. Williams Et Al Doc 70 Filed 12 Feb 14 by scion_scion

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