Trade recap for July 30th: Sub-penny pump edition

Trades today:
+    BOT    300,000    APTD    false    Stock    .005    USD    ARCAEDGE    08:51:45        12.64        null
+    SLD    150,000    APTD    false    Stock    .006    USD    SMART    09:35:01        4.80        null
+    SLD    3,450    DSTI    false    Stock    2.202    USD    ISLAND    09:36:08        17.25        null
SLD    150,000    APTD    false    Stock    0.0065    USD    SMART    09:36:39        4.88        null
+    BOT    3,450    DSTI    false    Stock    2.170    USD    SMART    09:38:53        17.25        null
08:26:40    APTD    B    0.0056    75000    ARCA
08:27:03    APTD    B    0.0056    125000    ARCA
08:32:39    APTD    B    0.0057    99900    ARCA
08:43:20    APTD    B    0.0057    200100    ARCA
09:38:28    APTD    S    0.0066    100000    NITE
09:38:28    APTD    S    0.0066    140201    NITE
09:38:33    APTD    S    0.0066    9799    NITE
09:40:20    APTD    S    0.0067    250000    NITE
15:47:39    APTD    B    0.0066    200000    NITE

Daily profit: $864.68

Weekly profit: $2,239.28

Disclosure: Long 200,000 shares of APTD that I intend to sell at the open on Monday and short 20,000 shares of EFGU. No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

2 thoughts on “Trade recap for July 30th: Sub-penny pump edition”

  1. Well my APTD long position is looking good. I just got the pump from TitanStocks and their other websites:

    “Please be advised that has been paid $200,000 by a Third Party to perform promotional and advertising services for a one week profile of APTD, which services include the issuance of this release and the other opinions that we release concerning APTD.”

    “Dear Fellow Members,

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    Our most recent gainers include:

    HELI +100%

    MINE +60%

    Those gains were achieved within days of our alert!

    Today, we’d like to introduce you our LATEST PICK !

    We believe this pick will be the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER PICK in the Small-Cap Market this summer!
    Our pick is : APTD

    APTD started trading like crazy today.

    APTD had over 500 million shares in volume today!

    APTD closed with a gain of over 30% which could be the start of a Huge Run!

    Check out the latest news on APTD under this link:

    APTD is more commonly known as

    APTD is the very Popular LEVEL 2 Platform that many Traders and Investors use to watch various stocks!

    APTD is currently trading around .005.

    APTD could gain major momentum in the short-term!
    As you know, sub-penny pick can move up very fast in a short amount of time!”

  2. “Insanestocks Has been Compensated four hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and signed a one week contract with a third party non affiliate white frog investments for advertising and marketing of heli electronics corp”

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